Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)

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By Maria B

The eLearning, also known as electronic learning, is the provision of education and training via digital resources. Although eLearning is based on institutionalized learning, it is provided through internet-connected technological devices such as computers, tablets, and even mobile phones. This gives users the freedom to learn whenever and wherever they want, with few if any restrictions. eLearning is essentially online training, learning, or education delivered through a computer or other digital device. According to data, this business is expected to reach a market value of $240 billion by 2022.

Online learning assists students in developing and communicating new ideas. Aside from school, you have the opportunity to improve your abilities and gain information. One of the most important aspects of e-learning is that it assists students and teachers in developing advanced skills. Students and professionals from all over the world may connect with world-class teachers and study almost anything online.

Coursera, Skillshare, Udemy, Codecademy, Edx, Pluralsight, Future Learn, Moodle LearnWorlds, Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, and Podia are some of the greatest online learning platforms.

Online education is becoming increasingly popular with students and professionals from all areas of life. And, if you want to generate money online by offering online courses, Thinkific and Teachable are two of the most popular platforms to employ. But the question is, which one is better?

Overview of differences and comparisons between Thinkific and Teachable:



Thinkific’s robust platform makes it simple to share your expertise, expand your audience, and scale the business you already love. Whether you’re educating ten students or ten million, you have the most user-friendly technology and the greatest support in the industry.

Over 40,000-course authors and over 30 million online classes are powered by Thinkific. It enables anyone to sell courses and membership sites in one convenient location.

Thinkific employs over 100 people and is present in over 15 countries. The platform has altered the way individuals study and earn through online channels because of its video and assignment-based learning capabilities.

Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)

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The following are some of Thinkific’s most notable features:

  • Thinkific is easy to set up and provides you full control over your content and client data.
  • They offer amazing web design possibilities without the requirement of  HTML or CSS knowledge. You have complete control over the website and course.
  • Their marketing and analytics tools can help you increase income and increase engagement.
Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)



Teachable is a platform for developing and selling online courses that is all-in-one since everything from web hosting to payment processing is handled by Teachable. It allows you to focus on what matters: growing a successful internet business.

Teachable was created in 2014, and there are already 83,000 instructors and 23 million students on the platform.

It is the world’s second-largest eLearning platform at present.

Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)

Teachable has several notable characteristics, including:

  • Allows you to create a website rapidly using a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Contains analytics tools to aid in the evaluation of your courses and the calculation of your return on investment.
  • You may design landing pages that are optimized for conversions and sales.
  • After the launch, they offer advanced marketing and sales pages to assist you.
  • If you have a Word Press site with a shortcode plugin, you can add Teachable buy buttons and proceed to checkout.

Similarities between Thinkific and Teachable

  • You can get started for free in both
  • Both provide unlimited courses and communities
  • Enroll an unlimited number of students
  • Create courses with any content type

Thinkific vs. Teachable, comparison:

The main distinction between the two is that Teachable offers more marketing opportunities, whilst Thinkific has a more appealing website design.

Key Differences Between Teachable and Thinkific

Many features between the two systems overlap, as shown in the graph above. Indeed, the two platforms have been in fierce competition since their inception, and as a result, they are continually improving their pricing plans and features. As a result, by the time you read this review, some of the above comparisons may no longer be valid. However, there are a few notable and continuous variances between the two.

Interactivity and course development

The fundamentals include capabilities like uploading a wide range of multimedia content (e.g., unlimited video hosting), designing courses, organizing them into modules, and making quizzes and evaluations that decide whether or not students obtain certificates of completion. Unlike Teachable, though, Thinkific allows you to build surveys and polls to conduct assessments and get feedback on your course. While both platforms provide comprehensive course tracking and analytics, the opportunity to collect real-time feedback is particularly useful for course updates and enhancements.

Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)


Finally, when it comes to creating courses, simplicity of navigation is critical — you want the course creation process to be as simple as possible. Fortunately, you can upload and organize your work on both sites. The fundamentals include capabilities like uploading a wide range of multimedia content (e.g., unlimited video hosting), designing courses, organizing them into modules, and making quizzes and evaluations that decide whether or not students obtain certificates of completion. Unlike Teachable, though, Thinkific allows you to build surveys and polls to conduct assessments and get feedback on your course. While both platforms provide comprehensive course tracking and analytics, the opportunity to collect real-time feedback is particularly useful for course updates and enhancements. Fortunately, both systems allow you to drag and drop your content to upload and arrange it.

Certain navigational features, on the other hand, improve Teachable’s usability.

Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)

When it comes to convenience, adaptability, and interactivity, Teachable is the clear victor.

Thinkific receives bonus points for allowing you to import content from popular course development platforms like Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate.

Design and customizability of the website

When comparing e-learning platforms, keep in mind the look of your course or school’s website, which is determined by the templates offered and the extent to which you may customize them.

While Teachable and Thinkific aren’t as comprehensive as full-fledged all-in-one systems like Kajabi, both allow you to host your courses on a professional-looking website utilizing a free subdomain or, with subscription plans, your unique domain name. White-labeling allows you to add your personalized logo and branding to the higher-priced options for each. In any case, these platforms take care of the technical aspects, such as security and upkeep!

Even yet, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to website design. The most flexible course-creation platforms are those that provide you with the most options. Teachable, however, does not appear on this list. Teachable features a single website theme. You can, however, personalize your logo, background, colors, and font. Thinkific, on the other hand, comes with a site builder that has a variety of themes and designs to meet your demands! Thinkific certainly has an advantage in this area.

Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)

Teachable vs. Thinkific’s page-building tools demonstrate this distinction in website customization while the drag-and-drop page builders on both platforms are simple to use, Thinkific’s page editor has more native customization choices. This versatility is somewhat limited with Teachable. Teachable, on the other hand, enables you to edit your web pages using HTML/CSS coding, unlike Thinkific.

The bottom result is that Thinkific is the clear victor when it comes to personalized branding and design versatility.

Sales and marketing

Marketing and sales will decide your course’s eventual success, regardless of how good it is. As a result, when deciding which platform is suitable for you, don’t overlook marketing and sales skills. Both course systems, fortunately, provide comprehensive solutions in this area. They both, for example, provide the capacity to:

  • Sell courses that last a lifetime.
  • Subscriptions can be made
  • Make coupon codes.
  • Combine courses to save money.
  • Implement email marketing initiatives.
  • Start affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Use Google Analytics and Course Tracking to your advantage.
  • Both provide extensive e-commerce solutions. There are, however, a few key differences.
  • To begin, Teachable provides the possibility to establish blogs to increase website traffic and grow a following.

For starters, Teachable, unlike Thinkific, allows you to establish blogs to drive traffic to your website and grow your following.

Second, and perhaps most crucially, Teachable’s check-out procedure is simpler and more efficient. Any potential buyer may navigate your website and purchase your product all on the same page by just entering their information and payment information. However, Thinkific has your customers register an account before they can access the payment page for whatever reason. As you can expect, you’ll want to simplify and streamline the process to increase client conversion rates. Teachable has a clear advantage in terms of sales.

Teachable also includes a range of conversion components, such as testimonial pages and upsells, unlike Thinkific. Teachable is the obvious choice if marketing and sales are at the forefront of your decision-making process.

Customer/technical assistance

It’s a well-known reality in the e-learning business that the vast majority of LMS systems only provide help through online tutorials and support queries with response periods of up to 24 hours or more. Those who aren’t tech-savvy, on the other hand, rely on the assurance of excellent customer service, especially when dealing with technological issues that have a negative impact on revenue.

Teachable and Thinkific, fortunately, have an excellent track record for customer service, which is a feature only seen in the top tiers of LMSs. Even so, when I hear of an LMS system with live support, my ears perk up because the most essential assistance is individualized and available in real-time! Teachable’s live chat support system wins yet again when it comes to customer/technical help! Important note: to use this feature, you must subscribe to their professional or business plan (the basic plan only offers email support).

Pricing for Teachable vs. Thinkific

When it comes to Teachable’s professional plans, you’re definitely curious about the pricing. As close competitors, these two platforms are always tweaking their features and improving their pricing. The prices mentioned in this post may not be the same at the time you read it, although the firms are generally priced similarly.

Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)
Thinkific Pricing


Remember that both platforms include a free plan, making it simple to test them out. Teachable makes this option less obvious — you must scroll to the bottom of the pricing page to find it, or you can simply click here to get started with a free account.

Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)
Teachable – Pricing

Teachable’s free plan, on the other hand, charges a transaction fee of 10% of your selling price plus $1 for each registration. Teachable’s basic plan is a bit cheaper than Thinkific’s at $39/month, but it does charge 5% transaction fees – so, depending on your price and volume of sales, you may end up paying more than Thinkific’s plan. The professional plan is $99 per month, while the business plan is $399 per month, with no transaction fees

Final Thoughts on Teachable vs. Thinkific

The basic line is that both of these platforms are extremely reliable. Each has a long track record in the industry and can boast several “star” users

As a result, the decision is mostly based on your commercial and educational objectives.

I’d choose Thinkific if you value flexibility and functionality in the appearance and feel of your course website, as well as the convenience of managing bulk content and sales and the capacity to construct sophisticated quizzes, polls, and assessments.

Which is better: Thinkific or Teachable? (Comparison)Teachable, on the other hand, maybe the best option for you if your priorities are more focused on teaching components like student engagement and involvement, ease of navigation on the front and back ends of your site, and quick customer conversion procedures.


In the end, Thinkific triumphs in terms of total course website capabilities, bulk sales and content management, and quiz/testing capabilities. Teachable comes out on top in terms of student involvement and interaction, simplicity of navigation, selling/conversion tools, and customer service.

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