How to Convert the Canva File to PSD for free ?

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By Maria B

For designers Canva is very important to design any kind of graphical work as it allows you to seamlessly upload, edit, create, and distribute your photographs to your social networks, website, and other platforms, allowing you to reach your business and personal goals even when you’re on the go. Focusing on the fly instantly adds depth of field to your photograph. But it doesn’t allow you to save PSD files.

Canva doesn’t have the option of downloading files in PSD format. PSD files are Adobe Photoshop’s native file type. You’ve probably come across files with the. PSD extension, especially if you’ve used Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Documents, which are most typically used by artists and designers, are sophisticated tools for picture information storage and creation.

In order to download PSD files from Canva, you will require the website or app name Photopea. In one of our tutorials, we have used photopea to create custom canva frames with an easy and quick method.

How to Convert the Canva File to PSD for free ?Here we will guide you on how you can export Canva files in .psd format.

Step 1: Export the file as a PDF:

Open your design on Canva and download it in the pdf print file, which is the highest quality and consists of all kinds of layering information stored in it which can later be edited. Recently Canva has added a CMYK color print option along with RGB print which is a great addition to their platform. 

How to convert the Canva File to PSD for free ?

Free Online Photo Editor | Easily edit pictures online with CanvaHow to convert the Canva File to PSD for free ?

Step 2: Import pdf to Photopea

Go to Photopea or you can install the app. It resembles Photoshop but in Photoshop if you import pdf files it won’t consist of layering information and it will be gone, whereas Photopea allows you to work with all the layers of photo editing.

How to convert the Canva File to PSD for free ?

Step 3: Export as PSD:

Go to the File option and import your pdf file, you can also drag and drop your file from your desktop. Once the file is opened you can see layering data on the side. Go to the File option again and save it in PSD format.

How to convert the Canva File to PSD for free ?

This is the simplest way you can ever use to convert Canva files to PSD but there are a few things to know:

  • When you convert your layers, they will not be ideal. They will need to be cleaned and repositioned.
  • Unless they are on your computer, your fonts will not be shown in Photoshop. Check that you have the legal right to use such fonts before downloading them to your device for usage in Photoshop.
  • You must add your color palette to the Photoshop dashboard.

This is how you can convert Canva files to PSD. Hoping that the above information was helpful to you.

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