How To Use Canva for Online Video Editing ?

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By Maria B

Canva has long been an easy tool for creators and developers, and it’s evolved into much more than a simple graphic creation tool.

Canva and Canva Pro now have a full range of tools to assist with everything from static thumbnails to animations, transitions, video intros, and even entire video editing projects – and are now competing directly with specialized video editing software!

While the Canva video editor is really simple to use, there are a plethora of fantastic features and effects hidden beneath the hood that may significantly improve your Canva video editing productivity.


How To Use Canva for Online Video Editing ?

Canva video editor has thousands of fully customizable templates that allow you to create interesting movies on the go, with no software installation necessary. Canva makes it easy to make creative video ads because it is simple to use and does not require specialized video editing abilities, unlike other online video editors.

Is Canva a free ad maker?

Yes! Making video advertisements does not necessitate a large advertising expenditure with Canva as it allows you to make excellent advertising videos in a variety of video formats for sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. It’s quite simple to implement with simple drag and drop tools. In addition, making videos is completely free. To begin, you simply have to select a video template.

How to create ads with Canva?

Creating a video ad with Canva is very easy and handy, one doesn’t have to master video creation skills just follow these steps:

1. Open Canva:

To begin, open Canva and search for “Video Ad.” Select a free advertisement video template.

canva video ad templates

2.  Create your advertisement using free footage, photos, and graphics.

To customize your template, use Canva’s drag-and-drop tools. You can alter the color and transitions, and submit your own photographs and footage.

video ad template

3. Include concise, effective content.

The secret to a great video ad is to keep the message brief and to the point. Try to limit yourself to no more than 3-5 words in plain language.

4. Add animations, music, or stickers to make it more appealing.

Finish your video ad by adding finishing touches like music from Canva’s free music collection. You can even add animations or stickers to the final edit.

5. Check, download, and share

Ensure that the message is correct and that there are no typos. You might want to present it to a few coworkers to make sure it’s clear. When you’re satisfied with the final edit, download and share your video ad with the wider world.

download video in canva

Creating and editing innovative videos with Canva:

Canva got plenty of interesting features and video editing tools but the best thing is Canva video editor tools aren’t just limited to desktop, pc, or MacBook in your web browser if you are an iPhone or Android user you can also create and edit videos on Canva app and steps are pretty much same as above

1. Open the Canva app or

Open or Canva app and go to the video icon, there you will see many different types of video templates such as mobile video, Facebook video, video message, video collage, etc. Select a video type to make, such as TikTok Video, Video Slideshow, Video Collage, YouTube Video, Instagram Stories, and so on. Alternatively, start from scratch.

2. Explore templates and different features tool:

After clicking the video template you will get into your blank Canva area where on left you will be able to see plenty of templates and different features. Templates for educational videos, review videos, explainer videos, marketing videos, beauty and fashion videos, and more may be found in Canva’s collection.

How to use Canva for online video editing ?How to use Canva for online video editing ?

3. Upload your content:

In order to upload your video which is to be edited, click on the media tab which will allow you to upload videos from your Gallery, Facebook, Google Drive, Instagram, or Dropbox. Select video files and upload. If you need stock movies, photographs, logos, or music tracks, you can upload your own or choose from our database.

How to use Canva for online video editing ?
How to use Canva for online video editing ?
Discover Canva Apps


How to use Canva for online video editing ?
Discover Canva Apps


4. Edit like a professional:

Crop, trim, rotate and sync your footage and audio like an expert. There is no editing experience required! You can trim non-required clips from your video by simply going through them by dragging the arrow quickly through the timeline below and using the trim feature to remove the certain clip, you can also split a video into two using the split feature and can rearrange or delete that clip.


How to use Canva for online video editing ?

5. Make your video your own:

Change the look and feel by using your own color scheme and backdrops. Animate visuals and text stickers for a more dynamic feel. You can add captions and stickers to make your video look more creative and interesting. 

6. Examine and publish:

Preview, make any necessary adjustments, download as a watermark-free MP4, and share a link to see or share on social media.

How to use Canva for online video editing ?

This way you will be able to create a professional-like video with the help of Canva.

Pros and cons of using Canva as a video editor:

Since everything has its pros and cons Canva despite also being an amazing simplified tool has its own cons, let’s discuss them!

Pros :

  • Create a video in the same way you would a PowerPoint presentation.
  • A massive royalty-free image and a video library are available.
  • Download without a watermark as an MP4 or gif.
  • Viewable and editable by others
  • It is simple to combine multiple media types in a single presentation.


  • Some tools are only available to premium customers.
  • If you have mistakenly incorporated paid content in your project and want to remove it, it is difficult to find it in your slides.
  • There are no audio trimming choices.
  • By default, you are limited to specific video quality

This is all about how to use Canva for video editing and to create advertisements. Hoping that the above guidelines were helpful to you.


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