How To Design a Brand Kit in Canva ?

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What exactly is a Brand Kit?

A brand kit is a collection of your brand’s visual aspects, such as the color palette, logo(s), and typography.

How to design a brand kit in Canva ?
                                                               Brand Kit Template

You may be wondering what the point of a brand kit is if you already have a brand style guide.

That is an excellent question.

There are a few other major reasons why having a brand kit is beneficial. Both are about becoming more efficient and saving time. A brand kit can help you whether you’re working with a huge design team or a stakeholder on your advertising and other creative. Instead of wading through a pile of information, you just have access to what you need to work with.

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A brand kit provides you and your creative team with instant access to your brand’s visual aspects, allowing you to execute your responsibilities much more efficiently.

The other reason for having a brand kit is to keep your brand consistent. Having all of your visual components in one location where everyone can access them makes it easy to produce visuals that are consistent with your brand. This creates a consistent and professional appearance for your brand, making it more recognizable to your target audience. Your Facebook profile and Instagram feed will complement your website and marketing perfectly.

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It’s critical, according to experts, to nail the consistency of how your logo and business identity integrate with your branding. After all, you want people to link your logo with your company, which will lead to increased sales and money.

If you use Canva for graphic design, the tool now has what you need to keep organized – your brand kit!

How to Make a Brand Kit from Scratch Using Canva ?

You can also produce a simple PDF document with your brand kit information.

Step 1

When you’re on your account’s home page, click the Create a Design button and choose Letterhead to acquire an 8.511-inch art board.

Step 2

By clicking the Plus icon, you can create three pages.

Step 3

To define the five primary sections, drag subheading text labels onto the page. You can structure your brand kit as follows: It consists of…

  • logos, color palettes, and typography.
  • Textures and Patterns, Icons, and Key Brand Images
  • Brand Vision & Stories

Once you’ve defined your sections, use the Uploads option on the left sidebar to add your logos and images. Drag and drop the items onto the brand kit sections you’ve specified.

Step 4

Canva’s enormous library of Elements, Backgrounds, and Photos can be used to find supplemental graphic elements. Place them on your page by dragging and dropping them. 

Step 5

Type a description of the messaging you wish to express with your brand in the Brand Vision and Brand Stories boxes.

Download Your Brand Kit as a PDF

When you’re finished, locate the Print Letterhead button in the upper right corner of your screen. When you click the dropdown arrow, a submenu of options will appear. Choose Download, then PDF Print as the format. Then click the Download option, and a PDF file will be saved to your computer.

Send your brand kit via email or any other file-sharing service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. If you require a tangible copy, you can also print the PDF.

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