What is the cheapest way to send wedding invites?

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By Maria B

In the digital world, communication is fast and paperless. People always look for the best ways to send wedding invites through different digital mediums like emails, what’s app, Facebook, Instagram, etc. All these ways are the cheapest way to do wedding invitations.

Though many people still prefer the traditional way of sending wedding invitations. It shows love and more respect towards your guest because you take time out to buy wedding cards and then send them through the postal service.

What is the cheapest way to send wedding invites?

How can you make cheap wedding invitations ?

In this article, I will share the best and cheapest way to send wedding invitations. Of course, the traditional method costs you time and money. However with Canva, You can not only create wedding invitations within minutes but with canva’s free version, you can save your cost as well.

There are many beautiful wedding invitation templates available in canva. These can be customized by anyone easily. After customization, download your design as PNG, JPG, or PDF and send it to your guests through any digital medium. Many people prefer what’s app to send wedding invitations.

canva wedding templates

Your family and friend whom you will invite for your wedding, definitely love this way of sending wedding invites and appreciate your creativity.

See below some useful links from canva to create wedding invitations for your event.

You can also create any wedding card from scratch. Canva is a free wedding card maker.

Below is the wedding card design I created from scratch. You can use this design for free for your wedding or any event.

canva wedding templates
canva elements for wedding invites

I have also shared a tutorial for this design on my YouTube channel. Watch the techniques below for a better understanding if you want to customize this design further.


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