How To Create Ken Burns Effect In Canva ?

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By Maria B

Ken Burns is an illusion of movement effect that we add in the still or stationary images or videos through some technique. We can easily create the ken burns effect in canva with the help of zoom-in and photo-rise animations. In addition to this, we can spice up this effect with the help of video editing features in Canva which is undoubtedly the best among all available online platforms.

how to create ken burns effect in canvaHow To Create Ken Burns Effect In Canva ?

Step 1 – Create a new Video project. Click on the top right corner of your screen in Canva.

Step 2 – Select a suitable template for your project from Canva’s template library and edit the text as per your requirement. This would be your intro slide, crop it to keep the maximum length of 4 or 5. Apply page animation “Breathe” on this slide.

Step 3 – Add a new slide, go to the photos section and place the first image of your project. I selected the project, Beautiful Lakes in the World to get the images of Lakes from this section.

Step 4 – After placing the image, apply the photo animation “Photo Zoom”, stretch the photo in any direction, copy this slide and change the direction of your stretched image. Keep adding the slides with different images, stretch photos on each slide in different directions and apply the animations “Photo rise” and “Photo Zoom”

Step 5 – Once you will be done with photos, add the last slide, go to the video section or template section in Canva, and add the suitable template and video to create the best closing of your project.

Step 6 – Add transition “Match and move” with a one-second length and apply it between all pages. Also, reduce the timing of each slide as per your requirement.

Watch the below video for a better understanding to create a zoom-in and out effect in your videos with the help of the amazing features of Canva.


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