Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review of Course #1

Google data analytics certification is a widely recognized and highly sought-after program, and for good reason. As someone who has been working in the marketing field for fifteen years and has a personal interest in data analysis and visualization, I was motivated to start this course. The course is divided into eight parts, and this review will focus on my personal experience with course #1.

Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review

Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review

Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review

Is Google data Analytics Certificate useful?

One of the reasons why I decided to take this course was the increasing demand for data analysts in the world. Additionally, I have expertise in Canva, which offers some features for data presentation through different visualization options, so I felt that this course would be an added advantage for me.

Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review
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Throughout the course, I learned about the practical uses of data in daily life and how businesses can utilize data to make informed decisions. I gained a basic understanding of spreadsheets, databases, SQL, and data visualization. I was already familiar with Microsoft Excel, so the spreadsheet portion of the course was not new to me, but learning about SQL and data visualization was informative. It even increased my curiosity to learn more about the charts and data visualization features in Canva.

Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review

The course also helped me to understand how to think analytically and to be fair during the entire data analysis process.

How long will it take to complete the google data analytics certification ?

The course#1 material was interesting and covered five weeks of material, including videos, readings, assignments and graded quizzes. The Google Analytics course appears to consist of eight four-week modules, for a total of 32 weeks or six months. If you are doing some job while taking this course, you can complete the weekly material at your own pace. However, if you dedicate a couple of hours daily to studying, you may be able to finish all eight modules within two to three months. There is also the option to take the course at a faster pace.

Speed Track – Throughout the course, I had the option to use the “Speed Track” feature, which allows me to skip certain parts of the course if I already had familiarity with the subject matter. Although this feature could have helped me to complete the course faster, I chose to continue at a normal pace and follow the structured design of the course.

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How hard is it to get Google Analytics certified?

The course was taught by multiple instructors, which kept me engaged throughout my learning and helped me understand different perspectives on data analysis and the data life cycle.

Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review

Video Content

The videos were particularly helpful, as they included English transcripts and subtitles, and I was able to take notes and save them in a separate folder for later notes in data analytic course

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Practice quizzes, Assignments, and a Graded system

The course included practice quizzes, assignments, and a graded system that helped me to stay motivated and track my progress. It helped me to gauge my understanding of certain topics and identify areas where I needed to improve and further my learning. I also appreciated the variety of question types, such as multiple choice questions, that were asked during my practice, weekly, and final exams.

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The self-reflection aspect of the course was also valuable. Throughout the course, I was prompted with various questions related to the subject matter, which helped me to reflect on my learning and understand the topics better. One exercise that stood out for me was analyzing my daily spending data using the provided Excel chart. I found that there was a significant increase in my spending during the second and third week of the month. After analyzing the chart, I realized that this could be due to the fact that my income is usually higher during this time, as I receive my salary at the end of the first week.

Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review of Course #1

I also tried creating a similar chart in Canva, which helped me to further understand the data visualization aspect of the course.

Foodpanda Monthly Spending Chart
Created in Canva
canva chart
Created in Canva

Discussion prompt

I was also able to share my responses in the discussion prompt section and see what other learners had to say about different topics. 

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Additional resources, Glossary items, and notifications

The course also provided additional resources, glossary items, and notifications. These resources helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the topic and I saved them in my favorites list for future reference. The glossary items, which were available for download at the end of each week, were particularly helpful as they provided definitions for the technical terms used throughout the course.

I also appreciated the notifications that kept me informed about my progress, assignment deadlines, and course completion. The course deadlines were flexible and could be changed according to my convenience.

Does Google Analytics course give certificate?

Upon completion of the course, I received a certificate which was a great motivation for me to start the second course of this certification.Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review

How much is the cost for data google data analytics professional certificate ?

The data analytic certification course is available on Coursera and is billed on a monthly basis. The cost varies by country, with $39/month in the USA and Canada, and lower in countries where Google supports the IT industry. You can check the monthly charges for your country on Coursera. This certification includes 8 courses, each lasting 4-5 weeks, for a total cost of $84. The course is designed to be convenient for working professionals and can be easily managed alongside a full-time job, but can also be completed quickly for those who want to save money. My recommendation is to focus on the material in detail, complete assignments thoroughly, and use the external resources provided in the course to become a true data analyst.

Is the Google data analytics certificate worth it ?

In conclusion, I am extremely satisfied with the course content, instructors, and the overall design and structure of the course. I have taken several other courses on Udemy and even a specialized course on Canva, but I found that this course exceeded my expectations. The course material and delivery of the information were top-notch, and in my opinion, it is unmatched compared to other courses I have taken. Additionally, the Google Data Analytics certification is globally recognized and can open up new job opportunities in various fields.

Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review of Course #1

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