Canva Whiteboards; Boundless Space To Brainstorm Your Vision

Canva has done it again! Yes, Canva has just released a brand new feature called “Whiteboards,” and the idea behind it is to provide your ideas and vision with an infinite amount of space to grow, as well as a way to brainstorm and illustrate your ideas and course design. Allowing you to brainstorm everything on one endless page, less limiting, and more creative! A tool for your project ideas and to collaborate with your clients. Canva whiteboard feature is available for both free and pro users.

Let’s dive deep into this feature, what it’s about and what you can do with it.

How to use Whiteboards in Canva to Brainstorm your vision ?

This feature is very accessible. You will be able to find it as soon as you open Canva within the categories on the home page but if it’s not available for you there is no need to worry just type “Whiteboards” in the search bar and you will be presented with various Whiteboard templates to choose from such as templates for:

  • Brainstorming and launching ideas with your team
  • Mood boards
  • Workshops and team meetings
  • Project planning
  • Mapping and diagrams
  • Collaborative assignments

canva whiteboard templates

Alternatively, you can start from scratch with a blank whiteboard. Once you are in the editor you will notice some things are different, first, the dotted canvas is infinite you can scroll in any direction giving you endless space to create hence proving Canva’s tagline for this feature which is “Giving your ideas space to grow”. This erases the limit for the page, unlike the Canva document.

Features on Whiteboard

With whiteboards, Canva wants us to think big but also to think visually, therefore, providing us with all of the space and tools and allowing us to bring our ideas to life, not just on blank white paper but using colorful visuals.

Let’s explore all the features and visuals Canva has provided for your ideas. You are provided different templates in the side object panel to set the theme and personalize your canvas. You can import those templates onto your canvas and can use, edit and adjust every element in it helping you to create the whiteboard magic!

  • The next feature in the object panel is the Elements where you will find whiteboard-specific elements to use such as sticky notes, lines, shapes, graphics, and stickers enabling work with your team more interactive, visual and fun. With these features creating a flowchart is so easy! Add a shape then click a plus button, and a new shape is automatically connected with a line.
  • You can access other features from the Canva library, you can import pictures and videos from your gallery. There are many more visual assets Canva provides you with to create fun space for work and ideas such as Giphy, fonts logos styles etc.

canva giphy templates

  • They had to add something to keep the mayhem under control with this new level of collaboration, like a timer! The timer for brainstorms and workshops keeps everything in sync.
  • Navigation through your infinite canvas is made easy by the zoom bar and space bar

How to download the Canva Whiteboard document?

In order to download your Canva whiteboard document you select the area or specific feature you want to download by dragging the cursor and then clicking on the three dots that appear then clicking on “download selection

A download selection menu will open where you will be able to see different formats to download your document in. The format of your document will depend on the area of your whiteboard and the elements you have added and wish to download.

download canva whiteboard

Collaborate with your team on the whiteboard

The recently launched Whiteboards make it fun and simple to communicate with your team and bring your ideas to life, from project work-shopping to project planning and brainstorming.

This new feature is a free addition to the current Canva editor and is another one geared toward teams that want to collaborate. It can be used to plan projects, brainstorm, develop ideas with colleagues, and more.

Essentially, a whiteboard is a real-time collaboration board where numerous individuals can work simultaneously. The brightly colored cursors that move across the screen allow you to see exactly what your coworkers are doing on the board.

Your teammates can offer ideas and remarks, and you can reply to them by making a quick comment of your own or by using an emoji or sticker.

Common ways to use Canva whiteboards

Wrapping up by mentioning a few common use cases of Canva Whiteboards

  • Brainstorming and ideation using a template library with your colleagues and teammates
  • Meetings and workshops; you can actually make meetings very interesting and icebreaking using features like games, and stickers.
  • Research and collaborative design; you can create mood boards colour palates and collaborative design projects
  • Strategy and planning; project planning campaign planning, campaign mapping creating a matrix, all of these have made it very easy to collaborate with your team using Canva whiteboard
  • Mapping and diagramming; this is the feature Canva really want to highlight enabling you to create flow charts, mind maps and other workflows that help you to work as a team on a specific project

This is hopefully everything you want to know about this essential new feature; Canva whiteboards. Canva whiteboards could be a headquarters for everything related to a certain product, course, project or event – whatever you’re creating! It is a great way to organize everything visually.

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