Google Data Analytics Certification: A Personal Review of Course #2

I have just completed the second course from the Google Data Analytics Certification, which covered the topic of how to ask effective questions. I have gained a lot of valuable insights from this course, and in this review, I will share my learning experience that can help you make an informed decision before enrolling in this certification.

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Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate (A Personal Review of Course #2)

Firstly, I would recommend checking out my review of the first course, which was focused on the foundations of data. In that review, I shared my experience of the course structure, teaching methods, and what I had learned.

About Data Analytics Course #2

In the “Ask Questions to make data driven decisions” course, I learned about the different phases of asking questions, how to ask SMART questions, and the difference between data-driven and inspired decisions.

Learning Outcomes

One of the most informative parts of the course for me was learning about quantitative and qualitative data. This knowledge helped me improve my understanding of these two types of data, which is essential for asking the right questions to obtain the required data for a project.

I also learned about different types of reporting and dashboards, big and small data, data life cycle, scope of work, how to understand the context of the data, and how to understand the stakeholders’ hierarchy. Understanding the stakeholders is crucial when collecting data to avoid any delay in project submission.

The course also taught me about effective communication, email writing, arranging meetings, and resolving conflicts in a professional manner.

Effective Course Design

As for the course design, the second course was taught by a different instructor, which helped me stay engaged with different learning styles. Video transcripts with the timeline are the best part of this course.

Google data course design

I used the “Save Notes” options from video transcripts more in this course. It helped me a lot to revise my concepts for weekly exams.

Google data course design

The same concepts were often taught two or three times for clarity, and the self-reflection exercises helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the course material.

Self Reflection quiz-course 2 data

During my first course, I completed a project exercise which involved creating a chart in Canva and Excel that displayed my monthly spending on Foodpanda. Upon analyzing the chart, I discovered a trend that I spend more during mid-weeks compared to the first and last weeks of the month.

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How to Use Chat GPT in Data Analysis Project ?

In order to expand my learning experience, I decided to ask some qualitative and quantitative questions related to this issue to Canva Magic Write and OpenAI ChatGPT to effectively obtain data from my Foodpanda app.

Both Canva Magic Write and OpenAI ChatGPT provided me with a list of questions, some of which were similar, and some of which were different, but all of them were useful for my data analysis project.

Ask questions with the help of canva magic write
Ask questions with the help of canva magic write
Ask questions with the help of ChatGPT
Ask questions with the help of ChatGPT
Ask questions with the help of ChatGPT
Ask questions with the help of ChatGPT

Can ChatGPT replace Data Analyst job ?

While it’s not essential for the tool to cover all questions related to my needs, once I understand how to effectively ask questions, I can generate additional inquiries on my own without relying on the tool. I believe that it is crucial for us to utilize these new technologies when learning new skills, as it can help us stand out in the future. Moreover, the ability to ask effective questions is key to working smartly and effectively with AI. This is an area where AI will not be able to replace us, provided that we learn how to use it effectively.


To summarize, the “Ask Questions” course not only taught me about the asking questions phase in data science project journeys but also improved my professional communication and problem-solving abilities in any field. I am now enrolled in the third course, “Prepare Data for Exploration,” and will share my review and learning experience once I complete it.

Google data analytic certificate third course

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