How To Layer Elements in Canva ?

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By Maria B

Canva Introduces Layers, the Ultimate Feature for Designers
Canva has recently released its most highly anticipated feature yet – Layers! With this addition, Canva has solidified its position as the best online design platform available. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use layers in canva.

What is layering in graphic designing and How to see layers in Canva ?

Layering in graphic designing refers to the process of organizing multiple elements or objects on separate layers, which can be easily edited and manipulated independently of one another. This allows designers to create complex designs with multiple elements without affecting the other parts of the design. It is a fundamental technique used in most graphic design software. Earlier canva creators were using the options “moving forward” or “backward” which was not only time consuming but had a lot of limitations to work with complex designs.

Thanks to Canva’s new layer option within the position tab, experimenting with complex designs has become incredibly simple.

How to Add Layers in Canva Designs ?

Follow below simple steps to layer images, elements and text in canva.

  1. Place all your elements, images or text on the Canva slide.
  2. Select your slide and click on the “position” button located on the top bar of your Canva page.

How To Layer Elements in Canva ?

3. A window will appear on the left side of your Canva page. Click on the “Layers” option, followed by “overlapping”.

How To Layer Elements in Canva ?

4. You can now easily drag your elements up or down to adjust their positions according to your requirements.

How To Layer Elements in Canva ?

Voila! You can see how easy it is to do layers in Canva.

Check out the design I created while writing this tutorial.

How To Layer Elements in Canva ?

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