Creating Engaging Audiograms: A Step-by-Step Guide Using Canva

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By Maria B

Recently, our company had the privilege of being represented by our boss at a conference in the Netherlands. As part of his participation, he appeared on a podcast, contributing a valuable segment lasting about five to six minutes. Tasked with creating a specific audio clip for his segment, I turned to Canva, a powerful design tool, to create an engaging audiogram in Canva. In this tutorial blog, I will share the steps I followed to transform the podcast segment into a captivating podcast audiogram in Canva.

How to Create A Podcast Audiogram in Canva ?

Follow below simple steps to make an audiogram in canva.

Step 1: Download the Original Podcast To begin, I downloaded the original podcast from the platform it was published on, which, in this case, was Podbean. By accessing the download option on the platform, I obtained the necessary audio file.

download original podcast on podbean

Step 2: Identify the Spoken Segment Next, I carefully listened to the podcast and noted the precise time at which my boss had spoken. This step allowed me to pinpoint the exact portion of the podcast I needed to extract for the audiogram.

Step 3: Trim the Audio Clip To isolate the desired segment, I used an external website called audiotrimmer. This tool allowed me to efficiently trim the audio clip and prepare it for the creation of the podcast audiogram in Canva.

create a soundbite with audio trimmer

Step 4: Upload the Trimmed Clip to Canva With the specific audio clip ready, I uploaded it to Canva, an intuitive design platform that offers various templates and tools for creating visually appealing content.

canva podcast templates
Use these templates

Step 5: Design the Audiogram Within Canva, I selected a template video design suitable for the podcast and incorporated the trimmed audio clip into it. To enhance the visual impact, I utilized Canva’s features to add engaging graphics, including a dynamic sound wave graphic, to the podcast audiogram in Canva.

Step 6: Download and Share the Audiogram Once the design was complete, I downloaded the finished audiogram as an MP3 video file. However, to facilitate easy sharing via WhatsApp, I used a compression tool like youcompress to reduce the file size. This ensured seamless sharing of the captivating audiogram in Canva with my boss.


By following these steps, I successfully created an engaging audiogram in Canva for the podcast segment, fulfilling the task assigned by my boss. Canva’s versatile features and the inclusion of a captivating sound wave graphic transformed the segment into a visually appealing podcast audiogram in Canva. The step-by-step process outlined in this tutorial serves as a helpful guide for anyone looking to create compelling audiograms using Canva’s powerful design capabilities.

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