How to Create New Canva Shapes ?

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By Maria B

Canva offers a wide range of pre-designed shapes in its extensive built-in library. It provides the flexibility to add text within shapes and resize them according to your specific requirements. Moreover, Canva has introduced a few new features for shapes, allowing users to change border colors, add lines with various options, and more. However, there may be instances where the desired shape is not readily available or you simply want something different from the existing shapes.

How To Create a Custom Shape in Canva?

Recently, I explored Canva’s shape capabilities and created custom shapes as well as interesting shapes that can be utilized in numerous projects. In a comprehensive video tutorial I prepared, I employed the following techniques to achieve this:

  1. Creating shapes from existing shapes in Canva.
  2. Merging shapes to generate new ones.
  3. Designing shapes for any object or element.
  4. Applying the freeform technique to existing shapes, resulting in the creation of unique shapes.

To access the existing shapes in Canva, you can navigate to the “Elements” section. Once you select a shape, you can modify it by accessing the shape option in the top bar.

canva shapes in elements

canva shapes

Adjacent to the shape button, you will find the options “Border Weight” and “Corner Rounding.” These additions greatly enhance Canva’s shape customization capabilities, and I primarily utilized these two options to create new shapes.

play with border weight and corner rounding to create new shapes in canva

If you wish to create a shape for an image or element, I recommend saving it as a JPG file first. Afterward, you can proceed to the image and make the necessary adjustments as outlined below.

apply adjustment to create shapes in canva

how to create shapes from shapes in canva free tiger image

Please refer to the video below for a more detailed understanding.