Why Canva Cancelled My Affiliate Account?

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By Maria B

Canva, the popular graphic design platform, has been a lucrative source of income for many affiliate marketers through their affiliate program. However, on 21st July, a major change took place that left many affiliates disheartened as they would no longer be able to enjoy the commissions they were earning by promoting Canva. This change resulted from Canva’s decision to shift the affiliate program towards individual Canva content creators.

How To Get Approved for Canva Affiliate Program ?

Canva communicated the policy change to all its affiliates in May, notifying them that if they have a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram with followers/subscribers exceeding 5000, they could fill a form and retain their status as Canva affiliates until the end of the year 2023. Unfortunately, this meant that those promoting Canva through blogs or any other medium without meeting this follower threshold would lose their affiliate status and had to await further announcements from Canva.

How to qualify for canva affiliate program.

Impact on Canva Content Creators

For many dedicated Canva bloggers like myself, this news came as a significant blow. While I had over 1000 subscribers on YouTube and around 2000 on LinkedIn, my primary platform remained my blog, where I regularly promoted Canva through tutorials, guides, and shared updates on new features and tools. Desperate to retain my affiliate account, I reached out to the Canva team and explained my situation, but they remained steadfast in their decision and couldn’t accommodate my plea.

Demonstrating Passion and Dedication

In an effort to prove my worth as an individual content creator, I showcased my Behance profile and Instagram account, demonstrating the love and enthusiasm I have for Canva through my creations. I also referred them to the Canva design Facebook group, where the Canva community greatly appreciated my work. Moreover, I highlighted that I had created a comprehensive Canva course on Udemy, showcasing my expertise and commitment to the platform. Unfortunately, despite these examples, the follower count criteria across various platforms became a barrier I couldn’t overcome.

Canva’s Importance in My Life

Though I was disappointed by the loss of my Canva affiliate account, it wasn’t the sole motivation behind my dedication to Canva. I am genuinely passionate about the platform, and it continues to play a crucial role in my professional life. Canva’s user-friendly interface and diverse design options allow me to create impressive presentations quickly, making my work more efficient and effective. Furthermore, I actively contribute my design skills to several online social media small business pages, and Canva remains an essential tool in this process.

The Need for Reevaluation

While my love for Canva remains unchanged, I believe that Canva should reevaluate its affiliate approval criteria to accommodate individual content creators who may not meet the specific follower count requirements on social media platforms but still contribute significantly to promoting Canva. It’s essential to acknowledge the dedicated community of creators who have invested their time and effort into building a network solely to promote Canva and earn through affiliate income.


In conclusion, Canva’s decision to cancel many affiliate accounts came as a disappointment to numerous dedicated content creators who had been promoting the platform tirelessly.  Canva should reassess its affiliate approval process to accommodate those individuals who have proven their commitment to the platform through various means but may not meet the specific follower count criteria. By doing so, Canva can better recognize and support its diverse community of content creators.