About us


Hi Everyone, Welcome to my blog.


My name is Sohaib Khalid. I had started this
blog “Think Like a Giant” in 2015 to provide creative, valuable, and
thought-provoking content. From 2015 till 2020, I had been sharing content
under various categories i.e Travel, Apparel, Textiles, Denim etc but in 2020, especially during COVID-19 days, I decided
to keep my focus on one specific niche. I learned Adobe Photoshop during
my quarantine days though I had been working on Canva already (An online easy
to use graphic design platform
. I learned various design techniques and tried
to create some photoshop designs on the Canva platform. During my research, I
got to know about the Facebook group Canva design circle and I was shocked to
see some extraordinary designs which I couldn’t imagine creating in Canva.


I started exploring Canva, found some amazing
Facebook groups, Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, and Udemy courses where
many Canva creative designers were sharing Canva design tutorials, tips, and
tricks. I had also started sharing my designs on the Facebook group and
received an overwhelming response. It did not only motivate me to design more
but also encouraged me to explore more learning techniques for my Canva




Whenever I publish any designs, my fellow
Canva buddies start asking for Tutorials for my designs. Finally, I decided
to share my Canva knowledge through this blog.

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Magazine cover for Denim



Many people ask me “Why did I choose this
name for my blog?
Well, there are two reasons behind selecting
this name. One is the reason; I was inspired by the blog name “Shoutmelound”.
You can learn more about it here. This is an award-winning number one Indian

Secondly, there is a famous quote “Think like
a giant, not like a grasshopper”
  I tried to get the answer for this quote on QUORA from different experts. You
will understand the meaning of this phrase better here as well as the reason behind
selecting this name especially when it is mainly related to design now.

During this Canva design journey, I have made
many creative friends from around the 
world. I can not mention the name of all
as the list is very big but still sharing the 
names of few designers. You will
be surprised to see the work of all these Canva buddies. They are super
talented and creating marvels in Canva, not in Photoshop

I also got certification
in Canva design secrets “A next level course” offered by Nino
Justino. You can know more about him here and get yourself enrolled in the
course if interested. He is a very creative and humble guy from the Netherland
who introduced me to a lot of new canva design techniques.