How To Teach your Child Good Manners ?

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Let us all agree that parenting is not an easy
job; it’s not a walk in the park. These little devils are hard to tame, but we
love our children! Our off springs indeed are,a huge responsibility.
As parents, we want our children to become good human beings
and responsible citizens after growing up. We desire that our children have a
strong and socially admirable personality.

Primarily, it is our duty that our children have admirable
manners, positive character, strong personality, and ethical behavior.

We must assure that when they grow, they must have a growth
mindset instead of a fixed mindset as laid down by the psychologist Carol Dweck
in her world famous book “Mindset’’.

If children don’t learn good manners and positive behavior,
when they’re young, the problems with serious consequences can develop as they
grow older.
This book provides essential guidance to parents, schools,
and the overall whole of the society about how they can effectively teach good
manners, habits, and behaviors to these beloved little creatures so that they
can grow up as positive, mentally and psychically healthy, productive, citizens.

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