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By Maria B

It won’t be justified if we leave our words unsaid and don’t appreciate Mr Perfect for his recent act. Although he has been admired by his fans already for his extraordinary performances throughout his professional career but this time Mr. Perfect has come up with another project which is not related to his showbiz career, it is a life giving project for which only a courageous man like him can make such an announcement.                     

Though we have been hearing such statements in the past by some other famous personalities but still Amir Khan kept himself unique among all and he announced to donate all his organs after his death.

 Although many of us may have read this news through different mediums but my purpose to write few words not only in his appreciation only but also I want my readers to think what good we have been doing in our lives. We often heard  someone saying that “ I wish I could help millions if I had money” , this man has given them an answer who is already a billionaire and he has been surely spending his money for many noble causes already but see what good he has done , he will not be remembered now with his great achievements in his professional career but also he will remain alive in the form of his organs which will save the lives of many and this is our affirm belief that if you do something good, you will get a great reward by Allah and with this great act, Amir Khan will surely be rewarded by Allah with great blessings in his grave.
I wish my readers to think and open their minds if they really have true intentions to help people. They must get a lesson from Mr Perfect, there is not only money who can help people but your kind words, love, respect, encouragement and motivation in the time when someone really needs it, can also make you perfect in your life because you will remain alive or not, your every single virtue will be part of your soul and you will be kept getting peace in your grave whenever the man you helped, will remember you in good words.
Just Think!