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By Maria B

Few days back when I was on my way to office, I saw a man sleeping under electric poll, covering himself with a dirty small blanket. It was a very cold foggy day, I was not able to control shivering despite covering myself completely with wool sweater, jumper and muffler etc. It was actually nearby my van stop, I stopped there for a while, took a picture with my cellphone and posted it on my facebook page. I thought for a moment that why this man was sleeping in this open area, at dangerous location and bearing this extreme cold weather but then my van came, picked me up and we moved to our office.
Although it was a short time incident but it left a lot of questions in my mind. I kept on thinking that what actually had made this man to reach at this point where he couldn’t even get a safe place to spend this foggy cold night. A thought stuck into my mind that we used to call such people beggar, mental patients, poor daily wagers who come from different small cities and villages or some drug addicted people but did we ever think…
What did make such people to become beggar?
What are the incidents made them mental patients?
Why such poor daily wagers are not able to keep themselves at safe place during nights?
What has caused this drug addiction?
But then I thought that do I really need to get answers for these questions, No surely No because it will be a wastage of time for people like us who are actually Dumb, Deaf, Blind and mental.
YES WE ARE DUMB because we speak…
Where we think we are superior in grade/rank/social class/age/gender etc and can only show our power and anger on less privileged people but we never speak in front of those who give us some benefits even if they humiliate us.
YES WE ARE DEAF because we hear the miseries of poor, needy people in our daily routine life through different mediums but we do something rarely or occasionally or trying to be ignorant because we always feel ourselves the most needy people of this world.
YES WE ARE BLIND because we see corruption but we do corruption for our benefits or need whenever require.
YES WE ARE MENTAL because we seek the peace in those things which are actually causing the disruption of our mental peace, despite having all the luxuries of life; we can’t sleep before we take sleeping pills. we increase our expense and then try to increase our income and spend our whole life in order to equalize our expense with income. It keeps disturbing our life always. we never try to bring contentment in our lives.
Now I come to that point where I wanted to get you people. Please keep your ears and eyes open, you will definitely see people in your surrounding screaming, starving, being harassed or itched their wounds due to helplessness. They might be sleeping under such electric polls on footpaths, covering themselves with blankets and praying God for help with tears in eyes.
Please always keep some money as Sadqa or Zakat in your pocket with a true intention to help such people. You will be judged by Allah definitely.
May Allah bless you and your families and give you courage to become a part of this noble cause. Amen
Authored By HMS Khalid
Sohaib Khalid is the founder of “ThinkLikeGiant”. He is an Apparel Merchandiser and have been working for Denim companies and brands since 2008. He loves blogging that’s why started this blog with the aim to share his knowledge and experiences for the people associated with his field as well as for general public.
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