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By Maria B

I am not an educationist nor am I an analyst  but the kind of educational system I have been observing in Pakistan since long, forcing me to highlight at least the important points which are damaging our society and future generation badly.
It won’t be wrong if we categorize it in a way like,

Education for Poor
Education for Middle class
Education for upper middle class
Education for Elite class
There is no need to write some heavy lines to get people understand above classes but we only need to mention the school and college types under each class which have been designed accordingly.
Education of Poor
All rural areas Government schools come under this category where standard of curriculum and faculty can never compete with a small private school of any metropolitan city. Although there have been some exceptions in the form of extraordinary students and teachers but can we build an equally growing educational society with these exceptions.
Education for Middle class 
All rural and urban private schools which give an affordable fee for those families whose monthly income are from 15K to 25K. It has become a SME business in most of our small cities. How good it sounds…Sale education for money, I am not against it but do you see any check and balances, parameters for the registration and standards controls by the government authorities ? This class does not have any other choice but to choose these schools for their children’s future rather than government schools.
Education for upper middle class
National/international schools chains which are operating in many cities, making good profits in the name of providing an international level standard education.
Education for Elite class
Purely international chains mainly in the big cities of Pakistan which can only be afforded by the children of those people whose earnings are in millions or billions in a year.
Now what should be painful for all of us is that Cant we see the difference in..

  •           Language
  •           Culture
  •           Clash in thoughts about different creeds
  •           Mannerism (A degree to understand the relationships and discipline of life)
  •          Thinking capabilities
  •           Scientific approach (Information and use of different kind of technologies)
  •           Confidence levels
  •           Physical activities
And many more things…

I wish and encourage people to become a part of this debate. Plz think on equal grounds. What we are sowing today, surely we need to reap tomorrow.