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Saif-ul-Muluk is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, it is located about 8 Km north of the town Naran in the northern end of Kaghan valley which is the northeast of Mansehra district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. We had heard the famous fairy tale in our childhood about this lake as well as created some imaginations about the beauty of this lake in our mind because we had seen the images of this lake having magical and eye-catching views. We always wished to visit this majestic lake and had been praying to God for giving us this opportunity to visit this beautiful place once in our life.


Lake Saif-ul-Muluk

It was one of the best days in our life when we heard that our company had planned a recreational trip for us and we were going to Kaghan/Naran Valley for this leisure trip. As soon as the news came, the dream was looking to be true. It was an awesome feeling because we were going to visit the place that has been blessed by God to Pakistan only.

We spent few days there and captured the beauty of this lake through our cameras.  We also observed that the best season to visit this place is Jun/July and luckily we were there during this season else it could become more difficult to reach at Lake.  You could not avail of the Jeep facility, only hiking would be the option in that case so if you don’t feel good for this exercise then visit this place during the season only.

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Let’s have a small tour through these images from Naran to Lake Saif-u.l-Muluk.

Journey Starts From here, we took a jeep and move on…
Road to Lake but during off season, it normally covered with Snow
You can get the idea that how difficult it is even for jeep to reach at this lake.
Feel the clouds on your way to lake
Don’t miss the beautiful views on the way to Lake
Glaciers on the way to Lake
Only the skilled drivers can take you to the lake so don’t try your own even if you have your own jeep or Land cruiser
Amazing views on the way to Lake
Just look at the view and praise Allah, you can see it on your way to Lake
Don’t have words to explain it, Its a blessing for Pakistan
Captured this stream from the jeep, on our way to Lake
Finally reached and it was the first view of this Lake
Jeep Parking Area
Check the crystal water of this Lake
Cool, crystal water of Lake Saif-ul-Muluk
Boat riding have been banned by local Government from this year to keep alive the natural beauty of this Lake.
Yes you have to visit Pakistan if you want to see it.
Green fields around lake during season
The other side of this Lake
Glaciers around the Lake
Small streams near lake
Glaciers around the Lake
Glaciers around the Lake
Water flow from the Lake
Its evening and Time to Leave

We love to have your feedback, Please leave a comment and let us know how did you like this place through our captured images.

Authored By HMS Khalid
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