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By Maria B

Mother’s day is being celebrated every year. People look busy on electronic, print as well as on social media. Everyone tries to show his or her deep love and affection to their moms which is good as long as we consider the positive part to celebrate this day but what about all those deep sorrows which we have kept aside, in fact better to say that we don’t bother to get the air of those realities in through our windows because for us our moms have made our home a heaven so we are happy but what about those who don’t have mom either she died or left them due to some bitter circumstances like what is happening in subcontinent, Kashmir, Palestine, Burma,Iraq or in Africa etc…There are many reasons that why moms are being mistreated in these areas  and it needs thousands of words to cover the miseries of all those moms. So we are just giving a wake-up call to everyone including ourselves because every mom is great and should be respected always.

On this special day,

we searched the net and got this amazing video in which they showed that how good a manager mom is? She is practicing almost every area of management which we get through management lessons. If you still don’t get the idea what lessons are being covered by moms practically then just watch this video and you will simply start loving your mom more.

May God bless our mothers more and keep them happy and healthy always. Ameen