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By Maria B

Bahria Town is known as the largest real estate company of Pakistan as well as the largest private housing society in Asia due to not only the wide range of projects they have successfully completed in Lahore and Rawalpindi but also due to their performance in delivering all those projects within a limited suggested time to their clients. All such achievements are not simply comparable with any other town/society of a private sector in Pakistan. People living in Bahria Town societies are much happy than the people of all other towns/societies and especially in a private sector, there enormous achievements have taken them on the peak of excellence.

Just few months back, they have launched their projects for the people of Sindh including University in Hyderabad and many other mega projects in Karachi, they had been started facing tough situations in the beginning but with their vast experience in handling all such obstacles, they didn’t lose hope and kept working with full zeal and finally with full of their determination and hard work by the team of Bahria Town, they are able to converted their dreams into reality in Karachi/Sindh as well.
Recently they have brought one video on media in which they had shown all obstacles they had faced from the scratch till the completion of their dream projects in Karachi, also highlighted the areas where they did support the government in developing the infrastructure and gave the positive message to all other private sector companies as well that how can they help the nation parallel to the government.
We must appreciate the efforts of Mr. Malik Riaz for showing the positive image of Pakistan through all the projects and achievements of Bahria Town Company.
Watch this video for further detail regarding their recently completed projects in Karachi.