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The purpose of this study is to innovate the calculated way to analyze the growth rate of entrepreneurs and employees and evidently prove the intense growth of entrepreneurs in comparison with employees by keeping the time as main factor.
Basic aim is to encourage the youth to become entrepreneurs instead of wasting their time to find out the jobs of their own choices or waiting for promotion/ salary increments in the organization where employees are being mistreated through insufficient benefits and motivation. Analysis of innovative business opportunities would also be the part of this research.
Figure 1: Sohaib’s Idea of Success Mountain

Figure 1 stated the growth of entrepreneurs and employees who have been placed right and left side of this sketch respectively, important thing is to reveal and further prove the climbing concept of both entrepreneurs and employees i.e. entrepreneurs growth demands efforts, struggle and time which help them to take the steps towards their objectives but on other side, for employees it is the possibility of slow growth due to extended hierarchical levels in the organization, prejudice or vigorous situation of the company due to some other different reasons despite the investment of their full efforts for specifically given tasks/jobs. Further I divided the mountain into three zones which have been categorized among the three success growth levels and these will be established by the employees and entrepreneurs themselves and by keeping in mind their objectives to attain the success. 

Calculated concept of Success Mountain:
                                     G = [I x 2(T + R)] x 100
So from above formula of growth we can also analyze that for entrepreneurs along with their investments for business venture, they also need to give double time and need to face double risk (it could be outside pressure, competition etc) while achieving their objectives.
Comparatively an employees need to exert the less efforts to accomplish their task if  they are given appropriate facilities to perform their tasks/jobs and also employees have specific hours to manage and perform their jobs so we take the time as constant factor here.
                       I = Employees total energy and investment
                       I0 = Employees energy for specific task
                              G = [I / (I0  + T + R)] x 100
Literature Review:
  • Biographies of world famous entrepreneurs
  • Studies on entrepreneurship development
  • Different ideas and concepts on Success Mountain
  • Innovative business ideas and their implementations 
  • Study and analyze the life histories of world famous entrepreneurs, their struggle, knowledge, skills and innovative ideas for their new business ventures.
  • Study the different concepts of entrepreneurship development and success mountain and develop the questionnaire for those entrepreneurs who have just started their business venture or getting successful growth or failure with the passage of time and also for those employees who have just taken over the charge of their job responsibilities or doing from a long time.
  • On the basis of above studied and collected data, i analyze the growth %age of employees and entrepreneurs and try to prove my calculated concept of Success Mountain.
  • Analyze the new business opportunities through various given studies.
Authored By HMS Khalid
Sohaib Khalid is the founder of “ThinkLikeGiant”. He is an Apparel Merchandiser and have been working for Denim companies and brands since 2008. He loves blogging that’s why started this blog with the aim to share his knowledge and experiences for the people associated with his field as well as for general public.
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