How can we concentrate on studies rather being distracted ?

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By Maria B

Most of us would like to get an answer to this, that what are the things that one must do in order to not get distracted while studying and the simple answer is to try to concentrate well jokes apart. The most important thing one must follow while studying is to try to not think unnecessarily and there are things which you can avoid and will help you to concentrate on studies. Most of us know the fact that our brain has some capacity while working and beyond that it will give up and won’t let you work and eventually you’ll feel tired and sleepy. So the amount of time you have been very limited to get your work done.
 Different people try different tips and tricks which will help them to concentrate but these are basically myths which they are following and also getting success. Talking about those tricks and tips, there are generally thousands of myths where each of the regions follows different thing maybe with few modifications. But the fact is our mind is always occupied with thoughts which demand attention and the reason why you get distracted. You must have got the feeling that if I will continuously keep thinking an explosion would eventually take place and would destroy the remaining peace that your mind is giving you. You’re probably not aware of the thoughts that are running inside your mind. Some tips and tricks that you can follow
1.  The first thing you need is some inner peace with which you would be able to concentrate and without wasting your precious time on thinking over unwanted things which are not to be taken care off.
2.  Take a walk. Well, this also proves to be very helpful taking a long walk early in the morning is the best but if you can’t manage and a person who stays up late at night than evening walks could be helpful and can be done in the garden, beachside where there is a good supply of fresh air.

3.  Talking with your near ones and discussing with them the problems you are facing can also be a good thing as they might help you out to get rid of the problem by some good suggestion. So you must keep a good communication bond with the one’s you feel to share your thoughts with.
4.  Take a good nap, this is the most important thing. If you sleep well you will concentrate well on your studies.
5.  Listening to something which you like most or doing things which you like or can help you to get distracted for a while from the unwanted thoughts is also a good option you can go with.
6.  Meditating for 30 minutes or so would also help you to stabilize your mind and will help you and follow by taking some deep breaths will surely boost you up with some good and positive energy to the soul.

7.    Multi Tasking means doing two or more things at a time can also affect your performance. Try to give your 100% in a single task and there will be no such thing stopping you from achieving your goal.

So here are some of the tips and trick you can follow which will surely help you to get rid of unnecessary thinking.