Top 12 worldwide Textile, Apparel and Denim annual Fairs which every merchandiser must know

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By Maria B

As a merchandiser, you must know the places where you might get to see a different variety when it comes to your domain of interest and for this, there are such fairs that are being arranged by different countries to showcase the talent that they possess. Through such fairs trading is done among different countries and help merchandiser to build healthy business profit. Every year various shows and fairs are being arranged from different companies or a group of companies and even this year it’s the same stuff that will be repeated  and some of them are as follows:
These are the 12 best annual fairs that a merchandiser must never forget about.

1. MAGIC is the world’s largest fashion marketplace be it children’s, women’s and men’s apparel are showcased in this fair along with thousands of different accessories and footwear. This fashion show is already expanded in 120+ countries spanning from 85 years and constantly proving its name in the fashion industry. This show gets up to 65,000-70,000 of industrial insiders and exhibitors in Las Vegas. This project also has a sister show that takes place in January in New York.

2. Fashion Industry Galleryis another fair that takes place in Dallas with around 28,000 square-feet places this is the second most famous fair in the world. In this fair brands for men’s, women’s and children’s are exhibited in a wholesale price and some permanent showrooms where it provides an opportunity for retailers to gain access to new trends.

3. L.A fashion market is a trade show hub hosted in Los Angeles featuring brands for each one of us with the comfort of opting different size, shape and colors.

4. Chicago collective is a place where nearly 300 exhibitors showcase their stuff under a single hut which offers classic and contemporary apparel for men’s wear.

5. World shoe accessories in Las Vegas has accounted for $20 billion in customer spending this year according to the report from Statistic Brain. This fair is more specialized towards footwear and provides the best of any brand in affordable prices.

6. New York shoe show is another one that comes in the list where there is about 300 footwear manufacturer showcasing about 800 brands of shoes which turn out to be a must visit fair.

7. TexWorld USA in New York provides a chance to interact with the largest textiles and branded accessories manufacturer for Asia, North America and many other countries across the world. Different types of denim, silk, prints, linen, embroidery and more are showcased in this fair.   

8. Stylemax in Chicago is held almost 4 times in a year with specializing in women’s accessories, gifts and many more and it’s been lasting for more than 15 years.

9. Intermezzo and accessories circuit is a perfect place if you are looking for leather belts, handbags, fine jewellery and other such accessories.

10. Who’s next is a fair in Paris where almost 800 brands are divided into 5 areas of creation namely fame, private, trendy, urban and studio. They also encourage young talents of designers and help them to display their talent.

11. Kingpin Denim fair is hosted in Amsterdam which is an invitation-only fair where almost all the brands display their apparel and will last for 2-3 days.

12. Bread and Buttertradeshow is the one if you love everyday clothes and street wear. Being a leading fair for ready-to-wear fashion, it is hosted during Berlin fashion week.