What is it like to live without hearing?

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By Maria B

How you will feel after losing your hearing sense
The hearing is one of the most important parts for a human being after eating and breathing. Many of us don’t know the pain it feels when you can’t hear your own voice. There are a lot of problems that one has to face when he/she can’t hear properly. People around you make fun of your problem, laugh at you. We all know the importance of hearing as it enriches and empowers one’s life. It also helps us to socialize and interact in a communication with another person. It keeps us safe and give us the warning about any accident or any other kind of danger.
The hearing is an essential part of our life and helps to participate in various activities and make you an active person in the society or at the workplace. It also helps us to get a lot of information from our surrounding which without the absence is not possible as you have to read everything and try to memorize so as not to forget any of the important detail. The things that you hear are stored automatically in your brain without applying many efforts.
Losing the ability to hear can make things really worse be it at the work, at a social occasion or for your own safety. At work things can get too tedious and hard as one has to participate in group meetings, have to follow a conversation in office and to receive important calls from the client. Social occasions like Talking to a friend or participating in a family discussion, talking on the telephone. While when walking on a busy road or any accident that might occur anytime so the safety is also a big question for the deaf. During learning, we can easily perceive things even if we fail to concentrate which helps to remember many things with just a little effort.
I think the main problem comes when it comes to loving a person as no one would like to fall in love with you because of your inability. You can’t love a person you had never talked to, but how to communicate effectively? I’ve read a blog where a person at an age of 23 discussed the problems that he faced. He wrote that while communicating with a normal person, they have to repeat some actions or words many a time so that they can understand what they want to say. But when it comes to love it is all about the conversation so to know each other really well but having this inability creates a lot of issues and even they are not sure whether the other person has understood what the person wants to convey from his words or actions.

Some people achieve what they want even with disabilities. Though many people take this as an inability few of them take this as a blessing and that’s what makes them a better person in life.