Can we effectively raise a child without yelling?

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By Maria B

How Yelling destroys the relation between you and your child
The moment you feel like your child is making you crazy as hell or misbehaves almost all the times and as a parent, you try to handle the situation by violence almost all the time. But instead of losing your cool things can be handled more patiently so as to avoid hatred in your children’s hearts for yourself.
1.   Sometimes all you need is to breathe. By inhaling, exhaling multiple times the situations can be handled with ease without any kind of violence. Telling your child to keep the book complete while you have your office work done and after completing your work, the book is still incomplete which makes you angry and you might end up yelling up on your child.

2.   Every kid is polite or sweet it is just the thing that their behaviour stinks sometimes. While teaching your kid to play any sport do you punish them for not doing well at the first instance? Of course not you tell them to follow some basics tips and then by practising they learn to perform well. So do learn to be patient without hitting your kid all the time.

3.   But sometimes you should be a role model for them so that they can learn good things from you and get inspired to be like you. The main thing is to be calm and humble towards other and all this starts from your side. Teach them the natural consequences and ignore certain behaviour because they try many things to seek your attention.

4.   You should allow your child to express their feelings about how they feel about certain action so it’s a lesson for you so as not to perform it back in the future. If your child doesn’t like violence or fights then you both should stop fighting.

5.   Make some clear rules for your kid and don’t make it strict that it gets hard to follow them. The rules can be of the dinner time, study and playing time. This will help your child to manage and organize his / her time as they grow up.

6.   Before yelling at your child find out the reason behind your yell. This is the most important part even if your child have not done any mistake yelling for no reason will only create hatred in their mind towards you. Sit with your partner and discuss the problem behind your unnecessary yelling.

7.   Desensitized is caused when you yell at your child almost every time. First it is done to seek his attention towards you but as you do it regularly it will not create much impact on them.

8.   Remember that losing the control on your child means you’ve lost all the respect. Kids usually avoid talking to the ones who are offensive all the time and keep yelling at them throughout the day for no great reason.

Go through these points once and try to track the relation between you and your child before it’s too late because parents are their kid’s first friends and they would not like it to break this friendship.