What can we learn in one minute that will be useful for the rest of our life?

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By Maria B

One minute is enough to learn lifelong lesson
There are things which you can learn in a minute and some take the whole life to get learnt. It all depends on the way we think and the way we perceive from our surroundings. If your understanding power is good enough you might start learning in no real time. You learn from everything that is present in your surrounding but for that, you must be aware with a high observing power. You should learn to observe first and then act accordingly to let the consequences work in your favour. Here are few things you can learn
1.   Got a habit of sneezing almost all the time and feel like avoiding it then just try pressing the area between your nose and upper lip with your finger this will prevent you from sneezing.
2.   One thing related to sneezing is the germs that spread out during this process and to avoid this cover your face with your elbow rather than doing it with your palm and this will surely help to avoid spreading germs.
3.   Wish to make your teeth white and shining as a white marble than using salt to brush your teeth will do the trick for you and most of the toothpaste do contain artificial salt, sugar and carcinogens. This has a bad effect on the teeth as well as on the gums.
4.    Wearing clothes with wrinkles in it and don’t have enough time to go in the laundry machine for ironing the clothes? Put some ice cubes in the washing machine while drying your clothes in the dryer this will avoid the clothes from getting wrinkles.
5.   Do you suffer ear pain when a flight loses its altitude then don’t worry just block your nose and mouth and blow it hard this will solve your problem almost all the time.
6.   Many of us get irritated when clogging or blocking of nose hits us but sleep on the opposite side of the blocked nose and the clogging will run away in minutes.
7.    Got a habit of losing important documents then here’s a simple trick you can follow to avoid getting into trouble. Take pictures of your important documents and store it in your mobile phone and other places where it can be easy for the retrieval and don’t worry the next time you lose it but don’t make it a habit.
8.   Feel lazy to click a new tab option every time while surfing then double click on the mouse scroll wheel on any link, that link will get opened in a new tab.
9.   If you’re learning something new and different then try teaching it to any of your friends and ask them to ask you any random questions related to the topic and if you are able to answer those question then congratulation you’ve understood the topic really well.
These are few of the life tricks that will surely help you to do well in future if you face any of these common problems.