Four Creative Ways To Use Instagram For Storytelling

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By Maria B

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and they say it right! However in today’s computerized age, a deliberately curated picture that associates the reader to an underlying story can be significantly more intense than a picture alone. Storytelling has always played a vital part in successful marketing. Stories let the organizations build great connections with their consumers. There are various social media platforms available for this purpose however Instagram serves as one of the most powerful platform for storytelling these days. Let’s discuss four creative and interesting ways that can be used on Instagram for storytelling.


1- Using A Series Of Insta Stories:
Instagram stories serve as a useful tool for storytelling. There ain’t any limits on the number of Instagram stories you can share a day. An extremely productive way to generate more traffic to your blog is to share your recently written blog post using a series of Instagram stories. You can share pictures and videos as Insta stories regarding your blog post that would attract more and more people to read your content. The dimensions recommended for an ideal instagram story is 1920 px in height and 1080 px in width.
2- Tell Your Story Using Boomerang:
Just in case you are not aware, Boomerang is a video app developed by Instagram itself for the purpose of small, interesting video loops. The app lets you choose photos and convert it into a single second video that plays back and forth in a loop. Many well known companies are using Boomerang for sharing short videos that delivers their message pretty well. Here are examples of few companies that are making good use of this idea,

1.   Nike 
2.   Benefit Cosmetics 
3.   Plated 
4.   Coca Cola 

3- Using User Generated Content (UGC):User generated content has proven to be the most useful tool for growing companies’ instagram accounts. Curating user-generated content by sharing short stories from a community through photos on an Instagram profile really helps in gaining more followers. There’s another way to curate user-generated content too, which is to create a branded hashtag for a story that you want to tell. One question that might be rising in your head right now that how exactly User generated content can help me increase followers and should I be using it too? Well let’s understand this through an example. Remember the time when Coca Cola launched their personalized coke bottles and introduced ‘Share A Coke’ campaign? Everyone went crazy for those personalized bottles and started sharing pictures of them enjoying the drink with their personalized bottle following the hashtag of “shareacoke”. Well, what happened then? Simple, the Coca Cola Company got their customers serving them as advertisers! The result? Their business got a whole new image and not to mention millions of revenue too!

So now we hope you have gotten an idea of how to use UGCs to tell your story and take your business into a whole new level! (You’re welcome).

4- Utilizing Visual Storytelling Method:

This is my personal favorite method. This is an extremely creative way to tell your story on Instagram. The idea is to use several posts to create one huge image! If it’s done well, it can look exceptionally engaging. Here, check this out, the way National Geographic is using this method to create inspiring visual stories.


You can create yours too similarly!

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