Human Vs Artificial Intelligence. Will It Be An AI-Take Over In The Coming Decades?

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By Maria B

It’s 2019 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere to be seen. The enhancement of Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) represents a key evolution in every walk of life. AI is being called the fourth industrial revolution and many experts are terming it as “The new electricity”. Over the last few years, AI technology has increased significantly due to the fact that availability of data has increased.
Artificial Intelligence is everywhere in your life. From the speech and handwriting recognition system of your smart phone to the strategic gaming apps installed in your tablets, I-pads or cell phones (Example: Tic Tac Toe, Chess), The area of artificial intelligence is tremendously huge in breadths and widths!
A mind boggling measure of money is filling organizations centered around AI/ML, as it can possibly reform most, if not all businesses and industries. In the following decade, over half of occupations will be supplanted by AI in the world, ranging from interpreters, editors, assistants, stock dealers, securities, salesmen, drivers, client benefit reps, bookkeepers, caretakers etc.
Plenty of tech heavy weights like Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, and Apple are coming up with guidelines in pursuing AI development and research. These companies have also formed a partnership called ‘Partnership For AI’. Google is leading the way in AI technologies currently. Google has also established an experimental laboratory where anyone can practice and learn AI and ML experiments and can even submit their own.
The reason these tech giant organizations are adopting AI technologies is simple; AI is helping them build new features and functions. Moreover, they are generating more traffic due to this. How? Well let us understand by a quick example, have you ever performed a search for anything online to buy? Like tickets for travel? Google anything online and suddenly you start seeing ads regarding these things in every other website u visit like Facebook, Instagram etc. WHY? Because Google takes your data, and has a machine learning engine that helps Google advertising business to automatically start showing online ads based on for you were searching for.
However, it is notable that along with many others, one of the greatest tech-giant, Professor Stephen Hawking considers AI a danger to mankind. According to him, the revolution Artificial Intelligence is going to bring, will be the greatest disasters ever! He fears that AI will bring an end to the mankind. (Let’s hope not though)
It has been, and still being predicted by various technology leaders that Artificial Intelligence is going to overpower us in the near future. According to a research published by Yale and Oxford University, AI would take over almost all of human tasks! (Don’t worry the chances are 50% though).

Final Verdict:

Technology has the habit of changing itself time to time. As it advances, it presents humankind with it. However, there is a certain dread that encompasses technologies like AI, to some extent, because of how these have been depicted in science-fictions! We can call it as the fear of unknown. AI can’t be dangerous if only humans learn to use it properly. We need to understand that Artificial Intelligence itself is not a threat to the mankind, yet how we handle it, sure is!
Authored By Muneeba Anwar
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