Make Every Journey Count: 5 Tips from Experienced Globetrotters

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By Maria B

How Experienced Globetrotters Make Each Journey Unique


Being led by wanderlust and hearing the mysteries of the world calling you isn’t just about being spontaneous. In order to see the world, you need to have highly developed planning skills. Although there are ways to get around without a fortune – and many globetrotters are more than happy to share their advice – you do still need money to travel.
However, when you develop your own strategies and get yourself out there, it’s quite necessary to do it with the right mindset or all of the places you visit will just blend together in a mist of vague memories. Here are five things experienced globetrotters do to make their journeys unique and my suggestion is for you to do the same.
Pay Attention To Details


The fact is you’re going to see many different city squares, woods and religious monuments, but in order to really understand the culture of one people and have a certain memory carved in your mind, you need to avoid looking at things from the postcard view. Every time you find yourself in a new location, make sure to pay close attention to details. That way, things you look at will get a life of their own and, thus, touch your spirit and stay with you.
Make New Friends
It doesn’t really matter if you’re a lone wolf or a social butterfly – being in a foreign country and isolating yourself from the locals is like going to a candy store just to watch the shop window. People are amazing and that’s not something you should deny yourself. So, like an experienced globetrotter would, make each journey count by making a personal connection.
Capture Memories
Fortunately, digital photography is cheap and you don’t have to think about quantities for one second when it comes to this matter. Therefore, you should take a photo of everything that draws your attention, especially those details that we’ve already mentioned. However, when you do go back home, you should introduce some order to your library, make them mesmerizing with some professional image editing services, and save yet another new album to your collection.
Write a Journal
Although keeping a journal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and although you might have never considered yourself to be a writer, you should give this idea a go. It’s not necessary for you to go into great detail when describing the events that happen to you, but you can write down dates and impressions and write sketches. You can also have people you meet add something to your notebooks and thus make your memories of them last forever.
Explore the Ways of Locals

I already mentioned how you should mingle with the locals, but in order to find out in person what makes one people different from all the others on the planet is to spend some time in their shoes. Therefore, you should discover their traditions, taste their foods and party like they do. You should try to be more than just a fly on the wall and truly participate in everything that happens around you.
When you decide to get yourself on the road, let adventure seduce you and take you places. The core of travel is finding new experiences, and you won’t get anywhere close to that if you don’t leave your comfort zone. In the end, whether it’s a negative or a positive experience, you will learn something new and have a great and undoubtedly funny story to tell.   
Authored By Helen Clark
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