Wake up call against such activities in the educational institutes of Pakistan

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By Maria B

So recently while scrolling down my news feed something not only made me stop but also left me flabbergasted for few minutes. It was the dance video of a college event in Punjab where vulgarity crossed its entire limit. I found out that the video belonged to Punjab Groups of Colleges’ Welcome Party event. It was uploaded on the internet soon after the dance performance took place and since then, it has taken the internet by storm. The pathetic video was about a girl (or may be a boy disguised as a girl) and a boy dancing to a song. I was actually left speechless minutes after watching that video. Lots of thoughts started racing down my mind.
I couldn’t help thinking that indeed it is a pity, that our educational institutes are becoming; and a majority of them have already been turned into dance parties clubs where nudity and vulgarity are being showcased under the supervision of management that is undoubtedly affecting our young people. This type of activity in country’s largest educational group (Punjab Group of Colleges) has raised many questions.

First of all, the most important question is WHO had allowed this? Definitely, the management did know about this specific dance performance before so why they allowed this in the first place? Even if we assume that the dancers were from outside the college or even if both were boys but why were they allowed to perform in the college premises? It is crystal clear that the management didn’t bother to care about the effect this performance is going to impart on young people’s mind!
The major problem is that we Pakistanis, as a nation, are trapped in between two extremes. Either we are the religious radicals or in the other case, we completely forget that we live in an Islamic state, The Islami Jamhooria-e-Pakistan. We are supposed to promote our Islamic, cultural and ethical values. I fail to understand that as these activities are arising in our educational institutions, “what” values our students are learning? It is indeed a thought provoking issue for us. We need to realize that whatever we are going to teach our kids, they’re going to preach it too. This generation is our future and they are going to promote our image. If activities like these prevail in our institutions, we cannot expect our generation to promote our values in future!!

And not only Punjab Group of Colleges, this is happening in many other institutions as well, the most important question so far is, where are our government and regulatory authorities? 

Strict actions should be taken by the government regarding such activities. We send our kids to school for learning values, not losing them! Let us join hands together and demand the authorities to take notice of such activities in educational institutions which could (and definitely are) leading the future generation towards immorality and vulgarity.