10 issues I faced while working on Fiverr

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By Maria B

Fiverr is without a doubt one of the most celebrated platforms for online freelancing. It is providing various benefits to millions of people all over the world. The wide range of skills that people make money from on Fiverr is surely appreciable. Contradictory to its benefits, there are a couple of problems many other users and I faced while working on Fiverr. The list below marks the major 10 of them.

10 issues I faced while working on Fiverr

1. Fiverr Tax Deductions

Firstly, the tax deductions on Fiverr are somewhat huge and you will truly get bothered with them once you start buying or selling skills on this platform.

There is a 20 percent deduction from your earnings each time you sell something. Let’s suppose you sold something for $5 (which is the minimum price for any of your gig), what you will receive in your account will be $4. Similarly, $8 for sale of $10 and so on.

The drill doesn’t end here, just enlisted clients can purchase and sell on Fiverr. All buys are dependent upon a help charge of $2 on buys up to and including $40, and 5% on the purchase of above $40.

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2. Scam Buyers

If you are unfortunate enough to meet one of the scam buyers on Fiverr, it is one of the biggest problems you could have faced. First, they attempting to talk amicable and complete work. Additionally, they attempt to get all the more additional administrations for just $5. After that, they will put horrendous surveys for our administrations and leave. Moreover, we can’t change that criticism everlastingly because Fiverr client care never backing to venders. (I’m exceptionally discussing Graphic Designing ). From other outsourcing destinations, we can win sensible assistance for our administration. What’s more, I surmise those outsourcing destinations doesn’t have any unpleasant clients because those purchasers are not scammers.

This might not be the only way you can get scammed, scam buyers place orders and then cancel it by providing petty reasons and there is no way Fiverr support will help you with this.

3. Payoneer issues

Particularly in Pakistan, Paypal is not available and there is also no other way to transfer or deposit cash internationally online. The only platform available for cash transfers is Payoneer and that is what most people link up with their Fiverr account for transferring their earning.

In Pakistan and many other third world countries, most of the freelancing websites other than Fiverr too, do not give an option to their freelancers of direct cash transfer into back accounts or transfer through Western Union or Wire Transfer. As a result, Payoneer is the only option to opt for Pakistanis. Payoneer, being the only platform may collapse at some point in time due to any reason.

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Such an issue has been addressed recently where the cards of more than 2 million Payoneer customers have been blocked and hence, they are not able to withdraw or transfer any of their cash. This happened because the main company in Germany that Payoneer is a product of, got scammed which lead to the user accounts getting sealed to get protected from the scam. However, the CEO of Payoneer has said that all the accounts and pending payments will be provided to the customers soon.

4. Buyers above Sellers Phenomenon

They generally support a purchaser. Fiverr should think about dealers before purchasers. Today they don’t understand that and after Fiverr went down without any venders Fiverr will consider it yet it’s will be the point of no return. Furthermore, this is a platform is made of the seller’s since they sell their important assistance for only hardly any dollars.

Whenever you address any kind of issue as a seller, the one getting priority from Fiverr customer support is most of the time the Buyers.

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Contradiction in Reviews and Ratings

Specific section buyers on Fiverr are also the ones that give you good reviews and a less than five-star rating for no reason. Once, the review and ratings are done by the Buyer there is also no way you can get it changed so you need to stay cautious of this flaw.

Commenting on the ratings of buyers on Fiverr, it does not matter to a buyer, even if you give them a bad review or rating, as much it does for a seller.

6. Bugs on Fiverr

Some bugs that may pop up in any section of your profile. This is not something that happens often but the sad part is when you do get to see some alter in ratings or anything due to a bug. There are minimum chances of the Fiverr administration fixing it for you.

7. Temporary Rankings (Seller/Buyer Levels)

There are three ranks or levels of a buyer on Fiverr. You get the rank of “Level One” after you complete a good number of orders and have a good rating overall. The more the orders you complete with good ratings, the higher the rank. The next one being “Level Two” which is allotted to a buyer/seller doing better than the one on “Level One”. The next and the final one is the “Pro-verified Seller” which is for the ones professional acclaimed for their skills on Fiverr.

Now that you know about the ranking thing, the one flaw to this ranking system is that the ranks are temporary. You may get to “Level-Two” and then your rank may drop directly to no level ( or the Level Zero) on Fiverr if you don’t continue to meet your previous order completion rate.

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Not a suitable platform for creative skills

Inventive (Creative) gigs don’t function admirably in this kind of stage. The client should know precisely what they are getting before they request. It won’t work to utilize the “try it out and check whether I like it.” approach.

This isn’t Fiverr’s issue. They simply set up the stage. We choose what we are going to offer on that platform. There are imaginative administrations that people with creative skills do that are not a solid match for the stage. You should pick the shrewdly. If the client doesn’t have the foggiest idea of what they need and can’t disclose to you what’s in their mind. It could be a long inventive procedure and at long last they despite everything dislike it saying things similar to “The dress just makes me look fat”.

9. Banning Accounts

It is mandatory to read the Fiverr dos and don’ts before you start your freelancing because if you go against any of these, your account will get straight banned.

Also, users who just randomly spam people with messages are immediately banned by Fiverr.

10. Late responses

Fiverr customer help and support do help you with a couple of things but at times, the response rate is very slow. You submit a request against the scam you have gone through and you may get a slow response or the Fiverr support as mentioned earlier may just end up giving decision in the favor of the buyer.

If you beware of all these cons of this online platform, it will surely bring you lots of benefits as a freelancer and help you enhance your skills.

Authored By Nabeeha Zahid
“Nabeeha Zahid is a curious one by nature, and her determinations to fulfill that said curiosity has turned her into a sophisticated writer and an excellent researcher. Her interests usually revolve around how the human brain thinks, perceives, interprets and understands, ergo, she likes digging around and writing on how the twisted human psychology works. You can contact her at znabeeha08@gmail.com”or hire her on Fiverr nabeeha_zahid for Script and Content writing or whiteboard video animations.

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