Design Fast Food social media post in Canva

Eye-catching social media posts are essential for the online marketing of any brand. People are spending millions of dollars on social media websites daily. Many of them don’t get the desire results. Though there are many factors associated with this issue, designs are one of the main reasons.

With the help of canva online, You can design any social media posts for your food or any business. Today I will share the steps for one of the food posts I created in Canva. Some of the elements I used from the pro version of canva. You can also avail of pro features with 30 days free trial offer here.

Tutorial 13 - Design Fast Food social media post in Canva

Step-1- Select a background from the photo section with the keyword “Smoke”. See the below screenshot for your easy reference. Select red smoke, apply it on the canvas, and stretch it as per your requirement.

Tutorial 13 - Design Fast Food social media post in Canva

Step-2- Select a Blob from the elements section. Apply it at the bottom of the photo with a little stretch. See the below screenshots for your reference.

Tutorial 13 - Design Fast Food social media post in Canva

Step-3- Write the text “Super Delicious Burger”. For this text, I have used the font “Rawk Brush” but it was not available in canva. You can download it from and upload it to canva. Please check this tutorial to know how to upload any font in canva?

Step-5- For three lines at right and left and scribbles on the above text, see the below screenshots for your reference. 

Step-6- Write the “food logo” in the element section and select any suitable for your design or place your logo at the upper right corner.

Step-7-Select a Burger photo from the photo section, place it in the center. 

Step-8- To apply shadow under the burger, write “drop shadow” in the photo section, and select oval shape shadow, place it under the burger. Reduce the transparency of shadow with the best adjustment.

Step-9- Write “online delivery” in the element section for bike rider placed in the right bottom corner.

Step-10- For a “circle” with the price and “order now” at the bottom, Use gradients shapes from the elements section. Use the element “dotted circle” from the element section.

This design is just an idea to design any food post in canva. You can use hundreds of other elements available in canva to create attractive designs for your brands or clients.

Design Fast Food social media post in Canva

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