11 Best Instagram Accounts to follow for Canva

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By Maria B

New to Canva and looking for some inspiration? We have got you covered. Check out the best IG accounts to follow for Canva Design Tutorials, Tips and Tricks:

Best Instagram Accounts to Learn Canva


What’s better than following the Official Instagram account of Canva which is full of cool design tutorials, responsive customer support, and some pretty useful tips and tricks. Moreover, they regularly update the account with the latest features, so make sure you follow this gram account right away!

2.Canva Life

This IG account is full of insights of Life at Canva! It covers exclusive stories of the Canva team and start-up life. Absolute delight to explore more about Canva.

3.Heena | Canva Educator

Heena in her IG offers some awesome design tutorials and useful tips to make the most out of Canva. She calls herself Canva Educator and has trained 220+ Students to successfully start their journey with the design. She also offers 1:1 tutorial. She’s definitely a Must Follow if you are starting your voyage with Canva.

4. Amar | Canva Designer

Amar is a Freelance Content Designer and his Insta is a true depiction of it! He offers amazing insights and cool tricks that let you enjoy Canva at its finest.

5. Naeem – Canva Tutor

Naeem is an awesome Canva Tutor who offers Content Creation & Coaching of Canva. Every now and then he throws amazing giveaways as well which includes Canva Pro accounts as well!

6. Abhishek | Canva Designer

This account is aimed to help people by saving money/time with DIY design. If you are looking for clever hacks, look no more! Go give this account a follow and explore Canva in a creative new way.

7. Habeeb || Visual Storyteller

A picture’s worth a thousand words and that’s why it’s essential to learn the art of storytelling using fun designs. This account is dedicated to this sole purpose. 

8. DWC— Content Stylist

This account is all about Content Styling. They help SMEs & Creatives in creating engaging visual content.


Naomi is an inspiring Canva Tutor who encourages her users to level up their Canva creations. She is focused in turning non-designers into designers by providing time saving & valuable tools.

10. Ranjeet Raj | Canva Mentor

Ranjeet Raj is a Canva Graphic Designer & Freelancer. His goal is to help five thousand people to become Canva Pro & create Awesome Freelance Designer in 2021. He has mentored over 160 people to get started with Canva.

11. Sandee Sevilla_Canva Certified

Sandee Sevilla is Canva Certified digital product & content designer. She offers templates and designs. If you are looking for inspiration, you should definitely follow this account.