5 Best YouTube Channels For Canva Designers

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By Maria B

Explore the top 5 best YouTube channels for Canva designers. Get expert tutorials, design tips, and insights to master Canva. Ideal for all skill levels!

1-Canva – Design anything. Publish anywhere


One of the finest learning resources for Canva is the platform’s official YouTube channel itself, for it offers oh-so-amazing tutorials, tips and tricks. It has amazing playlists and each serves a different purpose. The channel offers Webinars as well called Canva For Education Webinars. There’s a whole playlist dedicated to guide the viewers to use Canva for curating designs that can be printed professionally. Can you believe there’s a playlist that guides its viewers to use Canva on their phones? There are also creative challenges and campaigns. So , let’s explore best youtube channels for canva designer.

2- Design with Canva

This fantastic channel owned by Diana and Ronny, who also happened to have an amazing Udemy course dedicated to Canva. Diana is a Canva Certified Creative and Ronny works at Canva as the Head of Communities! They have hundreds of videos explaining cool features and functionalities of the platform. Their videos are fun to watch and are pretty engaging too. If you wish to learn Canva from scratch with amusing tutorials, do give their channel a try!

3- Learn With Seb


This channel offers incredibly useful insights on Canva. The channel has highly informative videos explaining various awesome features of the platform. He enlightens the viewers with easy and simple tips and tricks that can make their designs stand out. Infographic, Carousel, profile pictures, GIFs, YouTube thumbnails and whatnot – this channel teaches you all these cool stuffs. So, what are you waiting for? Go and start learning with this awesome channel!


4- I Can Canva


This channel is owned by Hadas Avidor Goldin – a Canva Certified Creative and a graphic designer. This channel contains some impressive content including creative hacks, 3D Canva, Stop Motion, making cartoons and animations, Speed motion, typewriter effect and other cool things. Do pay a visit to the channel and get to know these interesting stuffs.


5- Darren Meredith


Darren is a Canva Certified Creative and Digital Content Creator. His aim is to help his viewers and their businesses grow by inspiring them to produce better digital content. He focuses on teaching about social media, video, photography and the art of curating great content that can be shared on multiple platforms. His channel is all about tutorials on Canva, photography, video and other content creation software, with regular videos uploaded every Tuesday and Friday. If you are an aspiring graphic designer and looking forth useful resources to get started with Canva, his channel is a must-subscribe then.

Canva is growing very fast. Creators from all around the world are showing their skills with this amazing tool. Some of the added channels in this list are worth watching now to learn canva online.