Best ways to make money with Canva

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By Maria B

Are you a Canva designer and thinking how to earn money with Canva? So, buckle up because today we are going to enlist some creative ways that will enlighten you how to make money from Canva. Let’s get started!

Best ways to make money with Canva

1 – Selling Design As A Service

The fundamental way to earn money from Canva is by getting started as a freelancer and exchanging your time for money. For this you only require two things:

Now let’s talk about the tricky part i.e., finding clients. We have got some tips in this case too! 

  • Reach out to your friends and family, let them know about your services. Who knows they might actually end up utilizing a few?
  • Get to know your local area better. Try speaking to people and identify their needs. Maybe a neighborhood shop needs to have a logo designed, or a newly opened gym might need your help in creating their flyers… And the possibilities are endless!
  • Collect testimonials from satisfied clients to build trust, as well as your reputation.
  • Categorize your designs in different bundles or packages and offer functionalities accordingly. In this way, you are providing your customer more flexibility to make a choice.
  • And once you start getting enough customers you can actually create opportunities for other people! How? Create a design Industry. Recruit designers that work for you. Simple!

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2- Sell Templates

So, this way of making money with Canva requires some advanced Canva design skills. You just need to have slightly more experience with Canva. There are two ways for how to make money selling canva templates.

1- The Traditional Way: (which requires you to have a Canva Pro account by the way) It’s pretty as all you have to do is to share a design as a template on Canva with your client and they can modify that template as per their need. 

2- Canva Creator : This project has been launched recently for all canva designers around the world. This is a program where users can make money with Canva by designing their own templates and selling them on Canva’s official website and get the royalty as well!

3- Setup People’s Account

There are people out there who simply want to learn and might not be comfortable with technology or do not have an IT background. You can earn money with Canva by simply offering your services in this regard. You can bring order and clarity in their designs, organize their projects, or maybe simply give them a newbie tour.

4- Impress & Convert New Clients

Impress your customers by making a positive first impression. Use Canva to create project proposals and other designs. Be creative and make your designs appealing. This would definitely impress your new clients and who knows they might actually end up purchasing your services for that sole reason!?

5- Teaching Canva

Another awesome way of earning with Canva is simply teaching individuals or groups how to use Canva. Offer training modules, guides, workshops and teach people to create different designs. Offer 1:1 training, try reaching out to small businesses, and teach them to create different kinds of designs for their everyday usage. For this purpose, you have to research and keep yourself updated with the needs of your target audience. You can share canva designs, tips, and tricks and attract people through your Instagram account. Create and publish your exclusive canva courses on Udemy or Thinkific. This market is not very saturated till now. Demand for canva instructors is huge around the world. Once you become a canva expert, create some next-level canva designs and publish them in canva Facebook groups. In this way, people will ask you for the tutorials. You can either teach them through your YouTube channels or sell them your canva courses. I would strongly recommend thinkific. You can not only create canva full course but also charge the price of your demand to your audience. This is the best way to make money from canva as a canva instructor.

So, these were some ways to earn money with Canva. We hope we have answered all your queries and you must not be thinking how to make money with Canva now!

6- Canva Contributors

Sell your photos, graphics, stickers, Icons, and videos on Canva and start earning money today. 

7- Canva Champion

Create outstanding designs in Canva, attract your audience through your social media pages, and earn money with Canva affiliate links. You can earn a commission of up to 80% of the subscription fee if anyone becomes a canva pro user through your link.

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