How To Make Creative Speech Bubbles in Canva?

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By Maria B

“Speech bubble” is a special type of shape over the head of any character with few words written inside. It represents the thoughts of that particular character. These are commonly used for comic books or characters etc.

How To Make Creative Speech Bubbles in Canva?

In today’s tutorial, I will show where you can find these speech bubbles in Canva as well as how can you give them creative look?

You can find “Speech bubbles” or “Comic bubbles” in the elements section. See the below snippets for your quick understanding.

How to make creative speech bubbles in Canva?

You can also find peculiar and colorful speech bubbles inside the Canva image library.How to make creative speech bubbles in Canva?

Step – 1- Select your desire shape for the speech bubble. It mainly depends on the character or thought you need to represent through these bubbles. You can select the best match bubbles out of so many available options within Canva elements.

Step- 2- Once you will place it over the heads of your character, you simply need to write your text inside the shape.

Step- 3- You can change the colors of your selected shapes from the color pallets easily.

Step-4- To apply shadows under speech bubbles, duotone, filters, or adjustments, you first need to download your speech bubbles with transparent (png) format and upload them again into Canva. You can find all these options under “effects” but these are available for Canva pro users only. You can avail 30 days free subscription for Canva to experiment with all these options for your speech bubbles.

Step-5- If you select any speech bubble from the Image library then you can apply all special effects directly. You can also use the option of “background removal” to gain your suitable bubble from any image.

Watch the below video for your better understanding regarding the usage of these effects.

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