How to create neon curve text effect in Canva ?

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By Maria B

Curve text was the much-awaited need for all the canva users around the world. Everybody was anxiously waiting for this amazing text effect. Finally, canva added it into their text effects.

How to create neon curve text effect in Canva ?

Now the next requirement people were looking for is the curve text with neon blurred effect. Although currently, Canva is not supporting this feature but with a little easy method, you can achieve a neon blurred effect for your curved text. 

In today’s article, I will share few steps related to this requirement so that you can create neon curve text for your next project.

Special Note – This option is workable for dark backgrounds only.

Step 1- Write your desired text and apply curve text on it from the text effects option.

Step 2- Download your text in png/transparent format and upload it again.

Step 3- Create three copies of your uploaded text.

Step 4- Now adjust these three layers on top of each other as per the below instructions.

  • Layer 1 (Bottom)- Original text with 50% blur.
  • Layer 2 (Middle) – Original text as-is.
  • Layer 3 (Top) – Original text with 30% blur.

You have achieved Neon curve text now. 😊

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