How To Create Clipping Mask Effect for Text in Canva ?

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By Maria B

In this tutorial, I will share the technique to create a clip masking effect for any Text in Canva. In photoshop or Photopea, You can create this effect with the help of the “ Magic wand” tool but in Canva, You need to go through few steps to achieve this amazing effect for your designs.

How To Create Clipping Mask Effect for Text in Canva ?

Step 1 – Write your desire text, use font style from “Handwriting” styles. I have used the font style “Amazon” for my design.


Step 2- Change the color of your text as per your design need, apply any shape under your text with your desire color. The text should be in the middle of your selected shape.


Step 3- Download this slide as an image and upload it again. Apply to remove background effect and here comes the magic part, Now you need to regain the bottom part of your shape exactly under the text with the help of a restore brush.

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Important point: Zoom in your slide and apply the restore brush carefully so that no part of your shape color could come on the upper area of your text, This will take a little time but your result would be awesome.

How to create clipping mask effect for text in Canva ?
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