How to Use Canva and Make Serious Money Online ?

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By Maria B

Canva is an online platform that people use for their various graphic designs needs. It is fastest growing design company. 

There are two main reasons for this success.

  • Canva is super easy to create social media posts, flyers, Covers, Presentations, Invitation cards, eBooks, Lead magnets, etc.
  • Canva offers various opportunities to earn money online directly through their website or indirectly through other marketplaces or freelance platforms.

How to Use Canva and Make serious Money online ?

In this article, I will explain how people are earning good money with canva, also making it their full-time online earning source. Let me share a couple of examples with you for your motivation.

Ronny Hermosa and Diana Munoz

This is a beautiful couple teaching canva wholeheartedly and earning a good amount of money with canva through different mediums. They hadn’t come to this level overnight. There was a journey full of self-motivation, dedication, and hard work. There is no doubt, they are the source of inspiration across the world for learning canva and making it a full-time earning source.

How to make money with Canva online ?

Below are some of their mediums which is helping them to generate a good amount of money with canva.

Youtube Channel – Design with Canva

According to Social Blade, their estimated yearly earning for this channel is approximately $30000. There are many other Youtube Channels where canva designers share design tutorials, tips, and tricks. Their channels are monetized with a good amount of subscribers. That means they are also earning money through canva indirectly.How to Use Canva and Make serious Money online ?

Udemy and Skillshare Courses

They have a few online paid courses on Udemy and Skillshare. With the below snippet from Udemy, You can see that one of their course is the best selling in Udemy. They have more than 16000 students to date. With the selling price of their course as well as the number of students, you can imagine how much they must be earning with simply selling canva courses on Udemy. There are many other best-selling courses available in udemy for canva. If you master in canva design skills then making course is just a one time job. Your passive income will remain for a long time considering the fact you will keep updating it at regular intervals.

How to Use Canva and Make serious Money online ?
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Canva Creators

Diana is also working as a Canva creator. This is a program where you share your canva designs in their marketplace and upon approval from the canva team, Your designs will be live for canva users. You will get royalty upon the usage of your designs. With the below snippet, You can see that Diana has more than 6000 followers in Canva. That means whenever she creates any designs, a notification goes to all her followers automatically by the canva team. This creates an opportunity for her to earn more money as a canva creator. More usage of her designs will bring more royalty fees for her. Join as Canva Creator Here.How to Use Canva and Make serious Money online ?

Canva Contributors

This is the program where users can upload their images, videos, icons, illustrations, and many more graphic design items in PNG, JPG, SVG, and MP3 format, etc. With the below snippet, You can see that Diana has 68 approved elements in the Canva library. Earning mechanisms for these elements are the same as for canva creators. That means if any of your elements will be used by canva users in their designs, You will earn a certain amount of royalty. Join Canva Contributors programme Here.

How to Use Canva and Make serious Money online ?
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Canva Champion

This is the program where you share canva partner links with those canva users who have not bought a pro subscription yet. If they buy a canva Pro subscription with your links, you will get up to 80% of the sale revenue. Usually, canva offers 30 days free trial period.  However, for canva certified creators, this plan will add 15 days more for canva users. That is the reason, You will see the link of 45 days free canva pro on Diana’s as well as on many other canva creator’s profiles. Join Canva Affiliate Porgrame Here.

Ronny and Diana have a good fan following on their Facebook and Instagram pages so you can imagine their opportunities to promote their canva links for continuous growth.

How to become full time canva earners ? 

Sandee Sevilla

Sandee Sevilla is another inspirational canva creator. She is also earning a good amount of money with canva through the above methods. See the below snippet for her canva profile. She also earns through the following methods. Canva is her full time earning source. 

How to Use Canva and Make serious Money online ?
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How to Use Canva and Make serious Money online ?

The main purpose of this article is to motivate you with some practical examples of how you can earn with only skill that is Canva designing. If someone is earning today thousands of dollars with Canva, then why shouldn’t you earn the same or more money with these skills. Start your journey today and make this happen with dedication and hard work.

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