How To Monetize YouTube Channel with Canva Online?

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By Maria B

Are you not considering YouTube one of the money making websites? You leave thousands of dollars on the table if you are not accepting this fact. Do you know how much money does Mrbeast have? Jimmy Donaldson (AKA MrBeast) was among the top richest YouTubers in 2021 according to BBC. He earned $54m with more than 10 billion views on his YouTube channel. Of course, such an amount of money was not possible with the YouTube monetization program only. He had other ways to monetize his channel to generate extra YouTube income. So how much do YouTubers  make these days? Learn it from the story of MrBeast and get yourself motivated today. 

Canva is not just skill in demand today but also teaches you how to start and grow your YouTube channel. 

How to monetize YouTube channel with canva online?

How to monetize YouTube channel with canva online?

In this blog, I will share all the possible methods that are helping me to earn money from my YouTube channel with my canva expertise even without the YouTube monetization program. Many Canva experts around the world are using the same techniques to increase their online passive income through YouTube. 

Let’s learn some active and passive income ideas today through different ways of YouTube monetization with canva online. 

Add canva affiliate links in the video description

Apply for the Canva affiliate program through your blog or YouTube channel and earn a commission of up to 80% for each successful referral for a canva Pro subscription. 

How to add the affiliate link in the video description?

Canva provides the opportunity to create deep links for any of their URL. That means you can create an affiliate link from the canva website for a template, posts design or blog/article, etc. See below for an example for your reference


How to create an affiliate links in canva ?

I use the same technique to add the affiliate links for each of my YouTube videos. See the below snippet from one of my videos. In this tutorial, I had shared the process of color selection in canva. I created a deep link for canva color wheel from their website and pasted it in my video description. This is the correct way to motivate your audience to click on your affiliate links because they will see the value for themselves while moving on through your specific links.

How to add canva affiliate links in video descriptions ?

What if you have a channel for Travel, Beauty, Cooking, etc.

No need to worry. You can apply affiliate links as per the below-given examples and can monetize your YouTube channel with canva online for affiliate earning. 

Travel – Canva has many photos and video editing features so you can attract your audience to use those features while sharing any photography tips in your videos. You can also motivate them to become canva contributors where they can share their photos to canva and upon approval, they can earn royalties. 

Remix your photos with Canva Photo Editor

Beauty or health – If you share beauty tips through your channel then create a chart for beauty tips and create a deep link for that particular post. Attract your audience to check to save beauty or health tips through your given link. That way you will bring your audience to canva. Your followers will love the features of canva and possibly can go for a pro subscription later on. 

Free printable, customizable beauty poster templates in Canva

Food / Cooking – You can make your own recipe book. Canva is a good online recipe book creator. Share your link in the description.

Design Beautiful Recipe Cards Online with Canva

Sell your canva templates through your channel

Create your shop on Etsy or the creative market. Sell your canva templates there. I have shared a complete blog on how to create templates in canva to sell online through different marketplaces. You can add your shop links in your video descriptions and bring more traffic to your shop. 

Shopify is another great option to build your own online store for canva designs templates or even for any online or offline product. Promote your store or shop through YouTube videos and earn more money online.  

Create a course on Udemy, Coursera, or teachable and sell through your channel

You can create your online courses Udemy, Coursera or Teachable which are good online course selling websites. Motivate your audience to buy your online course through your YouTube videos. See below examples of how people are selling courses through YouTube video descriptions. 

Create and sell canva online courses

Create an exclusive canva course on thinkific, market, and sell it through your channel

I had learned about thinkific through my canva design next-level courses from Nino Justino. He is a master in canva. 

Create Your Online Course on Thinkific today like Nino
Check the below reviews from thinkific users and learn why this is preferable over udemy, Coursera, or teachable. 
how much can you earn selling online course on thinkific
Create your online course on thinkific today and sell through your YouTube Channel

Sell merchandise with canva designs

One of my friends Zoul Fazile is a great canva designer. He creates designs in canva and sells them for different merchandise on teespring and Spreadshirt. You can also sell your designs on these websites and add the link to your videos for your shop promotion and marketing. 

How to design a t-shirt from scratch

Sell merchandise designed on canva
  • Attract your audience with your design and canva knowledge and provide them 1:1 classes.
  • Share keywords for canva elements through your videos. Become a canva contributor and promote your own elements through YouTube videos. I have seen many people on canva design Facebook groups where they share their brands. This could be done through YouTube as well.
How to monetize YouTube channel with canva online?
  • Make yourself a brand and create an account on Instagram and Facebook. Figure out the gaps in various social media online brands. Approach them through your videos as social media managers. Get hired to help them with social media branding
  • Create an Ebook for canva design tutorials, keywords or design tips, etc, and sell ebook online through your YouTube videos. 

Canva is an online platform not just to design anything like logos, social media posts, flyers, banners, youtube thumbnails, invitation cards, etc but also integrated with many super applications. i.e smartmockups and background remover, etc 

Canva presentations, windows screen recorder, and video editing features are unique among other similar platforms. As a canva champion, I can proudly say that there are no alternatives to canva. The recent collaboration of canva with a flourish (an online data visualization and storytelling platform) has taken it to the next level.

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