How to Build a Brand in Canva from scratch ?

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By Maria B

Do you want to sell your products online but have no idea where to start?

Let me share with you an online platform that will fulfill all your business needs under one roof.

Yes, I am talking about Canva. Many entrepreneurs around the world are using it successfully for the launch of their brands.  They also use canva for the promotion of their products on different social media platforms.

In today’s blog, I will share how to build a brand in canva from scratch ? 

How to Build a Brand in Canva from scratch ?

Establish your online business presence through social media ads, posts, templates, etc for your products. There are many ways to earn money with canva. You can increase your sales by using the right social media design strategy.

Business owners must have an idea about what are their goals with their brand. They must be aware of all four points of branding.

1 – How do you want to be perceived about your brand by your customers?

It means when people will buy or show interest in your product, what would be in their mind? Either they are buying from you because you are very competitive in price or your quality is superb in the market or if we talk about food, your food variety or ambiance is unique, etc. You can establish your brand in more than one category. This story starts with the brand logo.

Below are some of the Logos of different famous brands, I am sure you can tell what their products are about, simply by seeing their logo. How have they established their brands?

How to Build a Brand in Canva from scratch ?

Let me start with an example of keeping you within canva. I have created an imaginary brand “Taste Buddy” and designed a logo in Canva. We have plenty of ready-made logo design options in Canva. It is easy to edit them in canva and convert them into your business requirement.


I have made the below logo for my imaginary brand “The Taste Buddy” with the slogan “The world of sandwiches”. I wanted people to buy our products because we offer a different taste of sandwiches under one roof.

Edit this Logo in Canva

2- Organize brand based on the promise

When you start a brand, Do some research first about your competitors. What are they selling and what is unique in your brand? For example, In my brand “The taste buddy”, I have noticed that in my area, many restaurants or cafes are selling sandwiches but if I am launching the same products but adding the uniqueness of different tastes from around the world then I must have expert chefs or recipes so that when people will visit my place, they must have what I promised with them through my brand logo.

Design Creative Social Media Ads for Online Stores in Canva

3- How to communicate your promise?

In the third step, I need to create social media channels, and the important part is to create social media posts. Canva offers a variety of options to create stunning Facebook or Instagram ads, post template designs, carousals or videos, etc. To promote my brand, I have made Instagram posts templates for my various products with the help of canva. Every post shows a unique product name with a price. I have also given a relevant name to each product for the easy understanding of my clients. These designs will be published on my social media channels for promotions.

How to Build a Brand in Canva from scratch ?
Use these templates in Canva

4 – Consistency is the key to success

In every business, if you are not consistent in delivering a quality product as you promised with your customers or your service level declines with time. Soon you will lose the interest of your customers in your brand and all your hard work and struggle to establish your brand in the super-competitive market will be in vain.

Customers always like innovations or new items in your products, It is important for your growth. There must not be any compromise for existing product quality or your services. If anyone buys your product that shows he trusts in your brand. Behind the success of every brand, return customers play an important role. They become the voice of your brand.

In canva, You can create your brand kit. It helps you to save your brand colors, fonts and logo etc so that whenever you will design any social media post for your products, You find them very easily under colors or fonts section. This is very important to keep the uniqueness among all your social media designs that must be relevant to your brand identity.

How to build a brand in canva ?
Brand Kit Designed in Canva

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