How To Create Text Masking in Canva ?

In this tutorial, You will learn two very important techniques that can help you to create more attractive designs in Canva.

  • How to Create Text masking effect in Canva?
  • How to add shadows under Canva text frames?

How to Create Text masking effect in Canva?

Follow below mentioned very simples steps to create text masking in Canva.

Step 1 – Create your background with your required photo.

Step 2 – Select your required letter frames from the Canva elements section.

Canva Letter Frames

Step 3 – Now add your same background photo in each letter frame.

Step 4 – Adjust the photo in each frame and exact match it with your background photo.

Step 5 – Go to the Edit Image option and adjust the Brightness, Contrast or tint, etc for the background photo to pop up your text.

Use in Canva

How to add shadows under Canva text frames?

Follow the below steps to create a shadow under text frames.

Step 1 – Group all your letter frames with an adjusted photo inside of each letter.

Step 2 – Download these letters as PNG transparent files and upload them again.

Step 3 – Place it on top of letter frames in your original design, make sure to lock the first layer of the letters before placement, otherwise it will move into the original layer.

Step 4 – Go to effects and apply shadows – Glow on the upper layer of letter frames.

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