Create Movie Poster with Triangle Frames in Canva

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By Maria B

In this tutorial, You will learn to create eye-catching movie posters in Canva with triangle frames.

It seems easy to just pick the triangle frames from the Canva elements library and then put your image inside each but that wouldn’t be easy because you need to rotate your image with size and rotation to adjust it inside each separate frame. To avoid this hassle, I have created my triangle frames and used them in Canva. With this frame, You donā€™t need to rotate your images, just put your image inside frames and adjust them with your required size.

Create movie poster with Triangle Frames in Canva

Download this design as well as the triangle frame below.



Watch the below tutorial for your better understanding.

Some more movie poster designs that I created in Canva. You can use them as well for your clients or any other need šŸ˜Š






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