How to Create Double Exposure Design Effects in Canva ?

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By Maria B

The double exposure effect is a design technique that can be achieved by merging two images with the adjustment in opacity and other design features. Almost a year ago, I have created one design using canva letter frames and called it a double exposure effect. In this design, I had kept a portion of my images inside frames and a small portion outside to give it a merged look. You can view the complete tutorial for this design here.


How to create double exposure design effects in Canva ?
Use this design in Canva

Recently I have read a blog on canva about how to create magically surreal photographs using

double exposure and learned how can we achieve it in Canva. I would suggest everyone read this blog to learn more about double exposure.

How to create double exposure design effects in Canva ?
Use in Canva

By using this method, I have created a couple of designs and shared a tutorial video on my YouTube

channel. Below are some simple steps that I used to create these designs. 

Step 1) Use any photo preferably with a side pose and remove the background.

Step 2) Add any scenic photo behind your slide and adjust the area that you want to see within your main object.

Step 3) Reduce the transparency of your photo (main object), keep around 65 to 70 but it depends where it looks better…
Step 4) Apply shadow (Glow effect) on your photo to give it a more authentic look.
Step 5) Apply adjustment on your main object, play mainly with brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, and warm effects. This step is very important. 
Step 6) Reduce transparency of your background slide. Its value depends on where it will look better.
Step 7) Download your design as PNG, upload again, and remove the background. You can again apply adjustment on your photo if necessary. Add some kind of color or texture in the background to pop up your design. 

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