Create Jazz Poster Design in Canva

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By Maria B

Creating photoshop designs in Canva is the ultimate part of my canva design journey. I have tried creating many photoshop designs in Canva. This practice always helps me explore various design features and elements in this platform.

Create Jazz Poster Design in Canva

Recently I have created one poster design for the Jazz music concert. All the elements used in this design are available in Canva for free or under a pro subscription. If you are not using canva pro then let me suggest you try their 30 days free trial to explore this design platform deeply.

Create Jazz poster design in Canva

Only one element, “Sunrays” was downloaded from I would also recommend this site to all of you for free png elements. The best part of this site is that any two elements can be downloaded for free daily.

Download all the used elements of this design below.

Create Jazz poster design in Canva

I have recorded a detailed video for a better understanding of this design.

I have also found many beautiful templates for a music concert or event promotion. These are very eye-catching and easy to edit in Canva.

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