3 Steps to customize social media posts templates in canva

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By Maria B

In this blog post, I will discuss how to customize canva templates with three simple steps.


3 Steps to customize social media posts templates in canva

Before moving forward, let me share a couple of FAQs about canva templates that people ask on different social media networks when they see eye-catching canva designs.


Is Canva better than Photoshop?

The answer is,  Everyone can use canva, whereas Photoshop is for graphic designers. You are not supposed to be creative or have some technical knowledge about design while using Canva. If you are running an online business and want to create some social media posts then Canva is a one stop solution for all your needs.

Is Canva free or paid?

Well, It depends on the package plan you select. The amount per month is being charged way nominal from what they are offering. Canva offers 30 days free trial to their users. It helps their users to get familiar with their platform before making any buying decision. Learn more about canva Pro features here. Moreover, Canva offers free plans for “canva for education” and canva for nonprofit business”.

Let’s start with how to customize Canva templates.

Step 1 – Get maximum detail from your clients if you work as a freelancer or for a company. If you are creating designs for your online business then first organize all the data at one place that you want to keep in your social media posts. Let me show you one example. In the below image, you can see the amount of information we received from a client.

3 Steps to customize social media posts templates in canva
  • It shows us about the business niche that is Garments / Apparel.
  • One product image with model. We removed the background of the image through the canva background remover tool. Cutout model head as per client’s requirement.
  • Product attributes are there.
  • Product price, sizes, and colors are available.
  • Order delivery method i.e Whatsapp number is provided.
  • “Free delivery” is required by the client on this design.

That is the information I have received from a client. Moreover asked him for which platform he needed this design. Canva offers custom sizes for all the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, etc. You can also use canva magic resize option to easily resize designs and images in canva.

Step 2 – Select any suitable template from the canva template library. These templates are from canva designers or canva creators who sell their template designs through canva and earn royalty upon the usage of their templates. Based on the category Apparel, I typed the keyword “Instagram Apparel template” in the search bar and got many options under this category. I selected the best suitable option and update the design with the details provided by our client.

Selected Template for our Design

Step 3 – Update the selected template with the detail you have in hand. To understand this more, check the below steps I had used to customize our template.

  • Replace the image with the model photo provided by the client.
  • The product tagline “Warm and comfortable” is added on top of the main product image. To create this text effect, we use the canva text effect “Background” see below for your reference and apply the curve text effect on it.
3 Steps to customize social media posts templates in canva
  • Product price is the second important information of this design that customers always look for after seeing any product online. I kept it in bold alongside the product and used the element from the canva library. You can download this element as well as the complete design below.
  • We need to add the rest of the product attributes like “sizes and colors”.
  • Shop now or order nowinformation is required and must be visible at some area of your design so that once customers decide to buy your product, they must know how to proceed further.

So there were the three simple steps we used to customize our canva template. You can use the same to modify any design in Canva.

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