How To Create Curved text in Canva with a Colored Background?

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By Maria B

In this tutorial, You will learn how to create curved text in Canva with colored background with a few simple steps.

How to create curved text in canva with a colored background?

Step 1 – Write your desired text in any font color and style.

Step 2 – Go to Canva text effects and apply the curved text. This feature is free for canva users. You can even create a circle text effect or wavy text by moving the curve point right or left.

How to create curved text in canva with a colored background ?

Wavy Text Effect
Use this Template


Step 3 – Now apply the text effect “Background” on your curved text. You can change the background color. The roundness, spread, and transparency of the background can be adjusted in this option.

Watch the below video for your easy reference and understanding.


You can use a curved text effect with colored background for different kinds of social media post designs. I have created one Instagram post design for an apparel brand and used this effect to highlight product attributes.

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