How to Sell Canva templates on the creative market?

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By Maria B

How to Sell Canva templates on the creative market

Many People are selling Canva Templates on the Creative market and earning a good amount of money online. The creative market is undoubtedly an excellent platform for a graphic designer to generate an online passive income source. 

Before we start creating Canva Templates for any niche or category, All the legal stuff for the commercial use of Canva must be in our knowledge. It is to avoid any breach of contract or permanent suspension of our Canva account. 

How to sell on Creative Market ?

Follow below simple steps to create templates in Canva and sell them on Creative Market.

Step 1  You must have a canva Pro account. It gives you access to all those tools that require creating canva templates from scratch. You are not allowed to sell already available ready to update Canva templates in their library. 

If you work as a freelancer or for a company, you can customize these templates with your company or brand’s detail. For the creative market, You need to design your own templates. 

Below are some of the Canva features, you must require while creating templates.

  • Full excess to all the premium contents of Canva. i.e Photos, Elements, Videos, Music, Icons, etc
  • Background remover.
  • Download options in PNG and SVG format.
  • Resize designs with one click
  • Most Important is that you need to provide the links “Use as template” for your templates to your clients, which is possible with the canva Pro account only. 

Step 2 – You can sell templates, for Ebooks, Social media posts bundles, posters, ads, email newsletters, mood boards, infographics, and many more items. 

See the below snippet for some examples of the work people are selling on the creative market.

How to Sell Canva templates on the creative market?

Step 3 – Now select any niche or category. It is important to select only one category otherwise would be difficult for you to get ranked your shop in the creative market. To build authority and customers retention, Keep your focus on one or two categories only. For example, you select social media post templates and further streamline it with niche “Fitness” then you can easily get ranked and start getting sales. I have shared a detailed blog on how to create fitness templates in canva and sell them on Etsy or the creative market.

Step 4 – Creative market has strict criteria for shop opening, it is a chance you get rejected at the first step or twice. To increase the probability of selection, you first need to start a shop on other platforms, like Etsy or Gumroad. Apply for the shop at the creative market when you get a few sales and reviews. This will increase the chances of approvals.

How to get accepted on Creative Market ?

Another good option to get approved on the creative market is a dribble. For this purpose, you need to follow the below steps.

Step 1 – Create an account on Dribble. Upload your portfolio and digital products.

How to Sell Canva templates on the creative market?

Step 2 – Buy a dribble pro subscription. It has many benefits for designers. You will not only have the opportunity to showcase your designs to millions of people around the world but will be qualified automatically to connect your portfolio or products with the creative market. That means you will have double exposure and more opportunities to earn online as a graphic designer.

How to Sell Canva templates on the creative market?
How to Sell Canva templates on the creative market?
How to Sell Canva templates on the creative market?

I know many Canva designers, earning more than $2000 a month by selling their canva templates on the creative market. Hard work, dedication, and self-motivation are the sole requirements for every online or offline business. Keep learning and enhancing your skills, success will touch your feet one day. 

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