How to use canva for commercial purposes ?

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By Maria B

How to use canva for commercial purposes

I have been using Canva for the last couple of years and making money online in different ways with the help of this amazing online graphic design platform.

As a part of different canva communities and an active member, I have seen people asking about commercial use of canva designs, elements, photos, etc. 

Almost every expert canva designer, admin of canva groups, and even canva support teamused to share the below links from canva websites that explain all canva licensing details for using their contents in designs.

I read all these terms and conditions to know the legal stuff while selling canva templates and designs. 

What legal stuff do You need to know about using Canva ?

In this article, I have summarized some points that everyone must know for the commercial use of Canva graphics. 

Below are some points for your quick information.

  • You can use any Font, Icon, Element, Photo Video, etc for commercial and noncommercial use with the condition that you will change or alter them in your designs.
  • You can not resell or redistribute them as is in their original form. These conditions applied to both Canva Free and Canva pro elements. Pro elements or features are those where you will see the “Crown” symbol.
  • If you are not using a Canva pro subscription then to remove the canva watermark from any element or photo, you need to pay $1 or more for every used item. You need to pay for every new design.
  • For Example – See a couple of my designs below. I have used different elements, icons, photos, etc while using them in my designs, I almost changed them or added some creativity. It is allowed as per canva licensing details.
How to use canva for commercial purposes ?
How to use canva for commercial purposes ?
How to use canva for commercial purposes ?


  • The same thing applied to Videos and Music. You need to cut, resize, trim or alter them in your designs. 
  • If you use any music for your Youtube videos, don’t forget to give proper attribution (Give credit to the original creator). You can face a copyright claim from Youtube. I had faced this issue a couple of times from YT for my channel. Canva also appreciates attribution.
  • All the Logos available in Canva are for inspiration only. You can not use or sell them in their original form. Always edit or alter them before using or sharing with any client. You or your client won’t be able to claim the copyright for these logos.
  • You are not allowed to sell stock photos, music, or videos. You can only use them in your designs. Stock items from the Canva website are illegal to sell.
  • You are not allowed to use stock items outside canva.
  • Avoid inappropriate editing for any identifiable photo, logo or video, etc. 

I had used the photo of Cristiano Ronaldo in one of my designs. I published it in a canva Facebook group and got feedback from fellow canva designers not to use it commercially to avoid copyright claims. Similarly, If you use any photo of a model from the canva library and cut it in half for your designs. You must check from canva about the source or  have approval for this kind of edit to avoid any penalty later on while using it for commercial purposes.

I tried to explain some of the legal points for using canva commercially based on my experiences. I always recommend going through with all the details shared on their websites. 

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